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Monday, July 20, 2015

Our New Plan to get Pregnant with baby Brownbino #2 (& an Amelia and Mommy Photoshoot)

Hey ladies! This trial of not being able to get pregnant has been one that has really worn on me. I have always wanted a big family. So, when we got married we started trying pretty quickly and ended up getting pregnant 4 months after we started trying. I had a terrible pregnancy that I wrote about in this blog if you want to read more about it. But that didn't stop us from wanting to try again. So we have been trying to conceive for almost two years now. Talk about baby fever. I have become super thankful that I get this special quality time with Amelia as she is growing and changing so much everyday. I know I will look back on this time and know the purpose for us not getting pregnant right away. For now I am just resting in the Lord and I know He already knows my future babies and has the perfect timing for their arrival. I say that in hope and I believe it in faith.

I went to the doctor to get my hormones checked and thankfully they are in the normal range. So, I got an ultrasound to see if maybe something was going on. Thankfully there was nothing wrong. So now our plan (the doctor and Shane and I's plan) is that I am going to go on birth control for three months which will hopefully get my cycle regulated (I had my period for a month two different times) and the birth control will make sure I am ovulating too. My doctor wasn't sure that I was. After the three months then I will go off of birth control and we will wait for two months and then we will buy an ovulation kit and then hopefully we will get pregnant!! We would really appreciate your prayers through this time!

Can I just say that Amelia is the best! She is so funny, smart, courageous, a good friend, silly, a talker, and so beautiful! She is just a joy to be around and it is my pleasure to get to be her mommy! 

We had a fun time on the lake dock taking pictures with Daddy!

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