Monday, November 16, 2015

DIY Plate Stand

It all started when this happened! This was the cake platter that Shane and I used in our wedding, and I have used it in Amelia's last two birthday parties, so this cake platter was near and dear to my heart. When it broke I was so sad! Plus it is a really nice and fairly expensive piece. I did find one on Ebay that looked almost exactly like it, but it was just more than I was wanting to spend.

 So, in the future I will probably purchase it again, but for now I need a stand and I need a DIY one that still looked great!
I went out to thrift stores and found a couple of plates. I found this quite ugly one that needed a little bit of help. I really liked the shape of it so I knew it would look cute if I painted it. I actually bought two of  these plates so I could have a set. 

I really like this Ocean Mist Rustoleum paint color.

Step 1) I painted the plates. I painted it with a primer first since I wasn't sure 
how it would stick to the plate. Then I painted the plates with ocean mist on the top. 
The paint adhered great! I am so glad, and I love the color! I also took off the ribbon the previous owners had put onto the candle sticks. 

Step 2) Find the center of your plate and trace around it with a pencil. I found the center buy using a ruler and just went on both sides of the candle stick and measured from the rim of the plate. I did that on all four sides until I got it in the middle. 

Step 3) Go ahead and glue it down now. I used  E6000 and I applied it to the 
candle sticks rim and then put it onto the plate. 

Step 4) Put a couple of books onto the candle stick to make sure that the candle sticks dries where you want it to, and adheres nicely to the place. 

Step 5) Use them and throw a party! (You can not put food directly onto the paint so just buy some paper doilies or even put some parchment paper down before you put the food onto them.)

Below, I threw my friends baby shower for her and the plate stands helped make 
the cookie decorating station look great!

I also found these white plates that were only 4 for $1. When I brought them home I found out that a cheese colander fits perfectly on them! I just did the same steps as the one above. I made three of these ones, and I have already used them so much!

Here's another one that I made. I used an actual cake plate so I didn't have to paint it or anything. I used it for my friends baby shower, and I can't wait to use it at Amelia's next birthday party. 

This is such an inexpensive diy, and the outcome is just so cute! And the cake stands are super handy to have on hand if you like to throw parties or even just to use them as decoration in your home. I'm sure you will see more of them in the future from me!

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