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Monday, July 20, 2015

Bridal Look: Kellum Wedding

Last weekend I got to do something that I absolutely love! I got to do Lauren's hair and makeup for her wedding day! She is the third bride I have been able to glam up! Bridal looks are my favorite, they are just beautiful and classic. And against the white dress and vail the makeup just shines even more which in turn makes the bride shine! Lauren and I did a run through day about a week and a half ago and we really hashed out what look she was going for. I love the look we came up with. It is a perfect dose of bridal, natural, flirty, classic, boho, and dare I say a little bit sexy. Because who doesn't want to look/feel sexy on their wedding day!? 

I still can't believe that a bride would ask me to do her hair and makeup for her wedding. I feel beyond honored. There are certain parts of the process that I simply LOVE! I love the whole process because I love doing each and every step to create the look and bring the look to life for the bride. However, my absolute favorite part is getting to put the vail and any hair decorations on. It just reminds me how honored I am to get to be apart of the brides BIG day! Plus, once the vail is on it really brings the whole look together and brings out the whole feel of the look. And I have to add that once the vail goes on the dress is next and I love watching the mom and bridesmaids put on the brides dress and shoes. This is usually when the bride gets struck by wow this day is really happening! Then they just want to see their man. At least, that's how I felt on my wedding day. 

The bride, Lauren, today married my cousin so that made it extra special! She has the prettiest eyes. She just made my job way to easy. We came up with the braids when we went through the run through and we were just playing with ideas. It worked because her hair is really thick so we got a nice braid. She was an absolutely gorgeous bride! Congratulations Corbin and Lauren! And thank you for letting me be apart of your wedding day! This is also my last bride to do her hair and makeup for free. I plan on charging now that I have some experience under my belt. Nothing to much, but something. So that's exciting! I simply love being apart of the brides big day and doing something I love (hair and makeup) to help their big day be everything she dreamed it would be! 

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