Friday, September 8, 2017

DIY Stenciled Kitchen and Dining Room

Hey guys! It is crazy to think that we have lived in Indiana, in our house, for almost exactly a year. To celebrate I thought I would do a big DIY project! I finally mustard up the courage to paint our kitchen and dining room vinyl floors. I know it sounds crazy! I have seen several Instagram friends paint their vinyl floors and it looks so pretty so I figured I would give it a shot. Here's what sort of gave me my excuse to paint them- we have stick on vinyl squares in our dining and kitchen rooms and a bunch of them started to rip and crack. So we finally found a vinyl square that was the same size as the ones on our floors however, they were not the same color. Yikes! Not cute!! We just don't have the money to completely redo the floors, I really want to do pine wood floors or something, but that is crazy expensive so this options was the way to go! 

Before I show you guys how I painted the floors I want to say thank you guys so much for all of the encouraging messages and responses to my Instagram stories. You all are amazing and the sweetest friends anyone could ask for!
In the photo above you can see the different colored tiles. Yeah, those weren't workin' for me and something had to be done. I started off by cleaning the floors really well. This will help make sure the primer sticks really well and no stains come through the paint.

Once everything was clean it was go time! I grabbed my roller and handle. I highly recommend getting a large roller, and a handle that you can twist on the roller this will save your back. I did one coat of primer on the whole floor. I used the 123 Zinsser bulls eye primer. This was my first time using this primer and I am really happy with it! For the edges of the floor I used a 2inch paint brush. I edged and then painted the floors. In my opinion the first coat of primer even looked better than the vinyl squares.

Once the primer dried, about an hour and a half later it was time to start the first coat of black chalk paint. Almost everybody that I have seen paint their floors has used the Rustoleum chalk paint in charcoal. However, I am painting a huge surface and I would have had to pay a pretty penny for how much paint I would have needed. So I ventured out and went to Homedepot and ordered a gallon of black paint, and I decided to make my own chalk paint.
Here's the recipe I used for the chalk paint:
- 1/3 Cup Plaster of Paris
- 1/3 Cup of water
- 1 cups of the latex paint
Mix the Plaster of Paris and water until the Plaster of Paris has dissolved, then add the latex paint and stir.
I don't know why I haven't ever made my own chalk paint before, it is ridiculously easy.
After I made the chalk paint (I doubled the recipe a couple times) I just edged the floors, and then rolled the paint on the floor. I don't know why I think it is so much fun to roll paint on floors, I just do!! After the chalk paint dried to the touch about an hour later I did a second coat.

Can can tell that some of the paint is still drying in the above picture, but I want to show you what it looked like after the second coat.
After the black chalk paint completely dried it was time for the stenciling. This was by far the hardest part. Play music or listen to a pod cast or something during this part!
I was thankful that the stencil I used from Michael's was 50% off because I bought it during their Labor Day sale. Score! So originally it was around $16, and I got it for $9. They have several different options to choose from.

I started stenciling the area from the living room to the dining room first because this is where most people will see the floor first so I wanted to make sure this part looked the best.

I didn't measure anything, I completely eyeballed everything. Basically, I just went for it! I knew that I wanted a worn look for the white stenciles so I started rolling the paint on in the middle of the stencil and gradually worked my way out pressing lighter so that I just got a distressed look. I love that every tile is different. If you look at real tile you will notice that every tile has a different look.
The stencil I used was not the size of the vinyl tiles on the floor so when I was came across one of the tile lines I made sure to paint it solid white to sort of hide it.

I just worked my way down the line back and forth. I found that it was a lot easier and faster to just bed over and pick up the stencil and place it back down than it was to sit down and scoot along the floor.
Once I had every full stencil squares done I let everything dry. Once the stenciled squares were dry I went back around the edges and folded the stencil over. For every stencil I used a little roller.

Once everything had dried it was time for the Polycrylic. I used Minwax water based Polycrylic in clear satin. I did two coats of this using this whole can. Those put the Polycrylic on I got a foam attachment from Walmart that I was able to attach my handle too. I start by pouring a line down the floor so I can start to sort of squeegee it onto the floor. 
The Polycrylic really brought the floor to life! I let the floor dry for 24 hours before I brought the furniture back into the room.

I was so happy to be finished with this project, and to see it come to life! I am so surprised at how much this new floor has brightened and updates my kitchen and dining room. Finally getting to move the furniture back into the room was so rewarding.

I hope this tutorial helps!

Thank you for stopping by, and saying hi,

Thursday, August 31, 2017

DIY Pumpkins with Revolution Performance Fabric-

Hey friends! This morning I woke up to take the two puppies out and I was shocked at the crisp air that is already here. Fall is coming and I couldn't be more excited! Happy September 1st it's time to decorate for fall, and fall just sort of exploded all over my home. August was a great month, I am looking forward to what September has to offer. Fall decor can be really expensive and to be honest I don't have that much of it. I really wanted some more pumpkins to display. Have you guys seen those adorable fabric pumpkins floating all over Pinterest and Instagram, I decided to try it out and make a couple. There was a small learning curve, but once I figured it out it went smoothly. Now you can just call me the crazy pumpkin lady! 

What you will need to make a fabric pumpkin for this fall.

-a piece of fabric, I am using a fabric sample from Revolution Performance Fabric from their Foreshore fabric line.
-some twine
-some stuffing, I ended up grabbing an old pillow and cut out the stuffing.
-some twigs so you can make a stem.
Now it's time to make some beautiful pumpkins!

Lay your fabric out and place the stuffing in the middle of it.

Then bring all four corners up and make sure you have a firm hold on them.

Put the twig in between the four corners to make your stem.

Now wrap a long piece of twine around the four corners and twig and tie it off.

Now fold up one of the flaps that have a gap and pull down the twine and wrap it around the bottom of the pumpkin to the other side. Then wrap the twine once around the stem. Then do this step two more times to make sure all of the gaps are being held up by twine.

After you've completed the previous step them wrap the twine a couple times around the stem of the pumpkin. Then tie the end of the twine to one of the twine straps (pictured above). Then tuck the knot into the pumpkin to hide it.

And voila! You have a fabric pumpkin that you can now use for fall decor.

Today I also want to share more with you about this new company I've come across, Revolution Performance Fabrics. I found them through Instagram and have been super impressed. So of course I have to share the goodness with you guys!
Revolution Performance Fabrics sent me a ton of their fabric samples. They have so many different fabric patterns. They are all equally beautiful, and unbelievably soft.
I love one of their mottos for their company and fabrics, "because life happens" like this photo below. Worry not, they are stain resistant! Being a young momma that eases my mind so much.

Their are no chemicals added to these fabrics, and they are really easy to clean.

Isn't this chais just gorgeous! The fabric is super durable so they make perfect upholstery fabric.

How beautiful are these four chairs that have been upholstered in the Revolution Performance Fabric. The fabric is perfect for this room with all of the light coming in because their fabrics resist fading in the sun.

Here are a few more fabric colors they have available. They seriously have a ton of different patterns and colors. I would recommend going to their website to check them all out. The company leaves the smallest carbon footprint, and they are 100% made in the USA. If you are looking for fabric for pillows or curtains or fabric to upholster a piece of furniture this is the company for you!

I hope you all have a great day!!