Monday, February 5, 2018

Family Dinner: Tablescape

Anytime I can soak up some time with my family, I do it! So, when my In-loves called and said that they had the whole day to hang out I took the opportunity to use the tablescape I had some time to style a couple days earlier. To be honest, some of the tablescapes are "just for looks" and never get used. But, I am so glad it worked out so we could use this one.

I have been wanting to use these ironstone bowls for awhile now, I just wasn't sure I wanted to get them out because they are so fragile. We have used them once before, and they held up perfectly fine, but in my mind they are so vintage and special to me so I use them sparingly.

My mother-in-law found these adorable copper scoopers for me. I think they are actually measuring cups because there was a bunch of 4 of them.

I am officially loving these green striped tea towels from IKEA, they were cheap, and they add so much beautiful texture and pattern to this tablescape.

My mother-in-law bought me a set of three white mixing bowls, I have had my eye on getting some for awhile so when she surprised me with these for Christmas I was really happy. This one is the perfect serving size.

I know you can only see the handle of the utensil, but what a beautiful copper handle it is! This one was from the packet of utensils that I found at Walmart, I have really loved them.

I have had these drop cloth curtains up for probably around six-ish months now, and they still make me happy when I see them. They have held up really well too. There was an incident when my dog and child somehow pulled the curtain off of one of the hooks, but it was a super easy fix because I was just able to snap it back on the hook. If you need some curtains, but need an affordable option I highly recommend drop clothe curtains. Here is a tutorial I made for easy appliance. Drop Cloth Tutorial

You guys know I am always up for a good hunt! I have found some really great stuff at the Goodwill's and thrift shops around the Indianapolis area. This white chunky blanket and market bag are both one of those good finds.

How adorable is this little "gather" sign, I love it so much! It is from my friend Carley @countrypinesfarm she makes such beautiful signs and she is so creative with her designs. Here's a link to her etsy shop. Country Pines Farm

I am sOOO glad that I painted and stenciled these floors. Painted Stenciled Floors Tutorial They have held up so well, and I love the pop it bring to my dining room. I am actually thinking about doing an accent wall with the same pattern on it, maybe in the bathroom?

I made a simple pasta dish with green beans on the side, and then for an appetizer I whipped up some yummy pizza bagels.

I decided to move my Farmhouse Fresh sign back down into the dining room, its a nice change from the shutters that I moved to the entryway.

I finally found some more fresh eucalyptus at Trader Joe's. It was only $2.99 for a pretty good sized bundle. For this centerpiece I used two bundles. I probably would have used more but they only had two left. Thankfully, I had some other eucalyptus that had dried already so I used it to stick in the farmers market bag and also for the eucalyptus sprigs on the plate settings.

Antique shops are always a fun place to shop around at. Before we moved to Indiana from Kansas I found the best whole in the wall antique shop where I bought a ton of antiques that happily made the trip to Indiana with us. At that antique shop I found this cute little wood bench, and also the wood ladder with the gather sign on it.

I have talked about tablescapes before, when I shared my Thanksgiving Tablescape I gave a few simple steps on how to get started with your tablescapes, and some helpful tips. I hope they've helped.

This buffet table was a thrift store find. I literally dropped everything and ran to this baby, and when I saw that the price tag was a whopping $10.00 I literally squealed! I couldn't believe it. I painted it with Annie Sloan in "Old White" and have loved it ever since.

Today, I would just wanted to share this tablescape and the meal we enjoyed with family, I also want to provide a few easy link to some of the items I used for your shopping convenience. Like I mentioned above I am always up for the hunt, but sometimes it is just nice to click on a button and have it dropped of to my front door. Here are some items that I have displayed here in my dining room that are great pieces to have for any room. So, if you would like me to make another blog with easy links to shop from let me know, and I would be more than happy to make that for you.

Hope you guys have a wonderful week!


Saturday, January 20, 2018

Tips On How To Make A Cozy, But Fresh Master Bedroom

Well guys, it's winter, and I hear that it's going to be sticking around for awhile. Between the winter and the crazy pills (aka the Progesterone I am on for ten days so we can have a baby) I was feeling a little "not myself". So, I decided to go for a little shop therapy. I figured that was better than eating a whole bag of chocolate. Oh, wait, I did that first. Oops! 

I decided to stop and you know, just walk around and "look" (and we all know what that means) at this huge antique shop that I rarely ever get to go to. Ps. thanks for going shopping with me on my Instagram stories if you follow me over there. If you missed it I left the stories in my highlights so you can check it out if you want to. 

The antique shop is full of goodies I would love to bring home and find a place for. I had a hard time deciding between a little ladder and this crate. The crate won out because I don't have one of these and I already have a little ladder like the one I was looking at, and I am so glad I went with the crate because I had so much fun styling it all up for a little snack break with the hubbs. Now I want breakfast in bed served to me with the crate. One day it will happen.

The details on this guy is was really sold me on him. The rusty nail holes, the splash of green paint on the side, and then on the tag it said that their family had used this crate to pick berries. 

Guys I am about to get real honest with you, my bedroom has been rough lately. Like roooouugggghhh guys! It just gets so disheveled so quickly with trash and clothes and pillows tossed everywhere. I had to have a come to Jesus moment with myself, and decide that I just can't take a messy room anymore. So I went for it and cleaned it all up. I found homes for clothes that didn't have a home, and I found a home for pillows while they aren't on our bed, and I restyled it to hopefully motivate me to keep it clean. 

I also used lots of layered textures to make our room feel extra cozy, and make it feel like a space I enjoy and want to be in. My new signs that I got from my sweet friend Hannah @house_to_home_signs completely inspired me for this renovation, too. They are so beautifully and so perfectly paid. I just love how the black lettering pops against the white background, and then the brown stain just pulls everything together. 

I mentioned above that I restyled things, and kind of gave it a face lift to inspire me keep it lookin' good. So far we are 1/1 because I actually made the bed and kept things clean today. Yay! Now I just need to keep it up for three mores weeks to make a pattern.

I love waking up and being reminded to be thankful! "Give thanks to the LORD for His is Good! Psalm 107:1

Taking down the Christmas greenery was a little sad, but adding some fresh pops of greenery felt so refreshing to the space. 

"Love each other as I have loved you"

Layering textures in this case layering the blankets on top of each other, and then the added texture from the tea towel just ended up creating a cozy feel to the space. 

I was so glad to bring my lavender and lambs ear back out. In the baskets above the side tables I added some fresh eucalyptus. 

Neutral decor with pops of green is my favorite. Lately, I have been adding pops of black and white too. I think it brings a nice contrast to the space.

The "hey there gorgeous", and "hello there handsome" pillows are from my friend Joey @simplytooshabby

This white blanket with the scalloped edges is one of my new Ikea finds. The black and white pillow inserts and covers are also from Ikea.

This french provincial dresser was my great grandmas and she passed it down to me. I have been wanting to try layering on the window. So when I found the big white tobacco basket at Hobby Lobby, I knew it would layer well with my new sign.

I never thought I would use this little bench at the end of my bed so much, but my hubby and I use it all of the time.

I hope you are all having a great weekend and are staying motivated! 

Thanks for stopping bye,