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Monday, August 5, 2013

Toxemia: My Pregnancy Story

A year and a month ago I found out I was pregnant. I happened to find this out on Shane's birthday which is July 1st. I loved telling him on his birthday, it was so special. I prefaced the announcement by first telling him how happy I am that he was born on this day and that your mom gave birth to you today. Then I told him that we are pregnant!!! And I showed him the two lines on the pee stick. He gave me a look of shock and awe! 

I am one of those girls that when I was just a little girl I would constantly have a baby doll on my hip and anytime I got with friends we were sure to play house. I have wanted to be a mommy since I can remember. 

Shane and I were so excited to have a little baby. We wondered if it would be a boy or girl? If it would have blue or green eyes? If it would be chunky or tiny? When it would arrive? The questions were endless. We were so excited!

As the pregnancy progressed I started getting super sick, nauseous all of the time. I could not even drink a sip of water without throwing it up. I couldn't do the dishes, the smell would just make me throw up. I couldn't cook, I couldn't clean. I couldn't study for class (I was in my senior year of college, thankfully I finished well and just graduated woohoo!)  I basically couldn't do anything. (I have to give a shout out to my hubby because he would cook for us and clean and he helped me everyday!) Everyday I would say, "this to shall pass". I knew that pregnancy was not a walk in the park but I had no idea it would be this hard. I was shocked at how hard it was. Here I am so excited to be pregnant, but then feeling so very sick. I figured my sickness was just the regular morning sickness and would go away and give my body a break when I got to the second trimester. Unfortunately, my second trimester arrived and I still was very sick.  At every checkup I would tell my doctor what I had been feeling. I started taking Ondensetron which is an off brand of Zofran. It is safe for the baby and I had to take it to keep anything down. I also started getting really bad headaches that just added to the nausea. Again, I told my doctor and I was put on another medication that is safe for the baby. (I will try to find what medication it was for sure). I was also iron deficient so I was given prescription iron pills. I complained about my ribs hurting to my doctor around like 5 months. He just said oh yes I know they will hurt. Your baby may be kicking your ribs and making them sore. He didn't think anything of it.  My whole pregnancy I had amazing blood pressure and didn't really swell at all. Therefore my doctor never thought maybe she has a form of preeclampsia called toxemia. I just had an appointment about a week before I had Amelia. At this appointment I complained about my ribs again and they just figured it was the regular pregnancy rib pain still. 

I was almost exactly 36 weeks pregnant and the night before Amelia was born I woke up around 2 a.m. In horrible pain in my back. The pain in my back was exactly where my ribs were hurting just around in my back. I was having trouble breathing it hurt so bad. Finally later in the morning around 7 my husband said, "okay I am taking you to the doctor". We went in to my doctor and told him what I was feeling. I also said, "can I have this baby today"? I only said this because in my last appointment they said if I were to go into labor they would just let me go: so I knew Amelia was where she needed to be to be born. Anyways, my doctor thought maybe I had broken a rib so I went and got X-rays taken of my ribs, they were fine: so they checked my blood and they noticed that my blood platelets were dropping by thousands within a hour and a half. My doctor came in and told me, "you may get your wish today". Right after he said this Shane and I looked at each other knowing we were both thinking is he serious! This could be the day we become parents and we get to see our baby girl and we will be done with this pregnancy! A couple minutes later the nurse came in bringing us the paperwork to fill out Amelia's name and all of the other paperwork they bring you. At this point we were on the phone calling our family telling them the good news. We also knew we were having our baby girl today! Then my doctor came in telling Shane and I for sure that we were going to be taken in to get a c section. I couldn't be induced because the toxemia affects your bloods ability to clot. Also they needed to get Amelia out right away! Toxemia is where your body attacks your liver. 

Toxemia is a very serious thing! If Amelia had stayed in me for much longer it could have been detrimental for both of us. I knew about preeclampsia before I was pregnant, but I had no idea what toxemia was. It is a form of preeclampsia. After researching it more the main signs for it are high blood pressure and major swelling. I had neither. Another sign is headaches. Which I had basically my whole pregnancy. 

I really wanted to share my story because toxemia is so serious and I had no idea I had it my whole pregnancy. I had never even heard of it, so I want people to be aware of it. 

I just want to say that through this whole birth experience I had complete peace from God. I could feel people's prayers with me. Thank you to anyone that was praying for me!

As I am writing this blog I feel so blessed with my beautiful health baby girl and I can not help but get emotional and am tearing up. I thank God for the treasure He has blessed Shane and I with! We are made in His image! The pregnancy was awful but for the baby I would do it all over again, and hope to one day! Thankfully, my doctor said that it is unlikely I will get toxemia again with my next pregnancies. That was great news! 

It's a girl!

After my c section I felt so much better, I actually felt good!!! 
With all of this said, I am absolutely loving being a mommy to my sweet girl. 

If anybody has any questions about toxemia or anything please feel free to ask me through leaving a comment or you can personal message me through Facebook. My page is Adelemamabrown. Other ways you can contact me: Instagram, Bloglovin, Twitter, and Pinterest

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