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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Shabby Chic But Still Homey

We moved into our new house about three months ago. I have been trying so hard to get it all decorated how I want it to be.
It has taken so much of my time and effort to get it where I want it to be, and it is still a working progress. Working around an almost 9 month old baby girl and a 8 week puppy is challenging. With that being said I have loved every second of making Shane and I's house a home! It has been so fun finding inspiration from Pinterest or magazines or even just memories of friends home that I love: then taking those inspirations and seeing how they could fit in my home.
I have also been busy restoring pieces of furniture and decorations to use in our home. I am pretty sure having more room to decorate has been my favorite part of moving into a house.
I took some time to decorate by myself to just give it a try. Fail. I guess I shouldn't quite say fail because it was alright, but my mom came over (aka the expert in decorating and making spaces look amazing!) and helped me decorate. As we were decorating she would share with me why she would move something and put it somewhere else. After she shared with me so tips, it makes complete sense!
My mom is so good at making things like shabby chic but still homey! She came over just in time for me to throw a party. There is nothing like having a party to motivate you to get your house together, it was the perfect little push I needed to get going on it. (Fall Party Inspirations)
After looking through how many pictures I have, I decided I better break up revealing it into sections. Today I will reveal my living room.

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