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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fall Party Inspirations!

I have had about a month and a half to prepare for my Premiere Jewelry Party. I am hosting a party for my cousin because she called and asked me to, and how do you say no to family!? Plus, it sounded fun to get to try some of my Pinterest finds! I have been rummaging through my Pinterest news feed and also through things I have already pinned to my boards.
I thought I would give you guys a little preview of what I am going to do. Also, some of these ideas I thought about doing and then just looked for it on Pinterest to give me a visual.

For more about pumpkin seeds go to this website.
This website tells how to toast your pumpkin seeds.
Today my husband and baby girl and I are going to go to a pumpkin patch, I am so excited! Then I can start making these yummy pumpkin seeds.
On this link she shows tons of DIY projects she has made.
I think these are so cute! I will put the water bottles in a metal container with ice in it. I do not think I will use zebra, I am not sure which duct tape I will use yet. Link.
I think this would be so much fun! I am not sure if I will do it or not just because of time. Link.
I am going either do this with individual jars or I am just going to make two or three big jars!

These are so good, and healthy! Also, they smell really good! Link.
This fruit salad and pita chips look amazing! Link.
This is a great tutorial. Link.
This is seriously the best salsa!!! Link.
These are mouth watering, and super healthy. Link.
These are so cool, I don't know why I didn't do this years ago. My party is in the evening so these will work perfectly for decorations.

These look easy and yummy and also festive. Link.
How cute is this chevron pumpkin! Link.
These seem easy, festive, and cheap! And they are super cute! Link.
Oh my lands! Yum! Link.
I am going to fill up a jar and have everybody guess how many candy corn are in the jar and who ever is closest will get to take home the candy jar. Link.
These Apple Fritters look amazing!
I think this will be perfect because then you do not have to mess with touching the sticky caramel.
These are some of the ideas I have. My jewelry suggested that I do not make things to difficult for people so it does not take their focus off of the jewelry.
I probably will not do all of this, but these are most of my ideas right now! One thing I have in mind while planning this party is that I want to make a bunch of things that I can make ahead of time because on Saturday I am not sure how much time I will get with having an eight month old baby girl. Plus, I always think I have more time when I don't. My hubby is excited to get to eat left overs, and I am sure I will hear, "I think I need to sample that". I am so excited for this upcoming Saturday!
I hope that if you are having an October or fall party that some of these idea will inspire you. Let me know if they helped you through Pinerest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Bloglovin', and of course through e-mail. My e-mail link is on the right side of my blog page. I always love to have new followers!

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