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Monday, November 4, 2013

One Week Meal Planning: Whole-Foods Plant Based Diet

Well, awhile ago, after our baby was born my husband and I started doing a whole-foods plant based diet. Somewhere in the road we had a hiccup and got off track with our eating. We decided we better get back on track and start our whole-foods plant based diet again. If you want to learn more about why we started this type of diet and some of the foods we have already eaten check out this blog post, Whole-Wheat Plant Based Diet.
This week I planned out our meals, I don't really plan a whole week of meals and stick to it, but this week I did pretty good sticking to it.
I wrote out our menu on our new chalk board. (To learn about the chalk board and how to make one yourself: feel free to check out my blog post about it. "Chalk" How To Make Your Own Chalk Board.
I feel like making a menu and having all of the ingredients I needed to make what I had planned really helped my husband and I stay on track. I think having everything planned helped us to not think about what we want to eat, but rather what we are going to eat.
There are a few wholes in my weekly menu plan, but we figured it out and filled in those spots with left overs!
My two week meal plan turned into a one week meal plan. I figured I better start small and work my way up.
B- Kale, peach, and banana smoothie
L- Green Quinoa Salad
S(snack)- celery and peanut butter
D-Black Bean Chili
B-Kale, banana, peach smoothie
L- Brussel sprouts and cranberries
S- banana ice cream
D- Yay for date night! : )
B- we ended up having cereal
L-left over chili
D- Spaghetti Squash
L- Spaghetti Squas
D-White bean and veggie mashed potatoes
B- Chocolate chip banana pancakes
L-White bean and veggie mashed potatoes
My hubby wrote a quote on our chalk board. "We must look and read scripture in a way to love more not to know more." I love that because it is so true! I think we can get caught up in reading the Bible to know more which is good to learn how to be more Christ-like and how to serve God and be fruitful, but we also want to read it to be Christ-like so that we can love more! Love God Love People!
So overall this week, I would say that we did a good job sticking to our diet. It is definitely easier to stick to it writing out and being able to see what you are going to eat. It minimizes those moments of hunger when you just want to eat anything and everything.
I am working on another menu for next week! I can't wait to see what yummy recipes I find on Pinterest!
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