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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Whole Wheat-Plant Based Diet

After my horrible pregnancy, and after I had my baby girl I decided that eating bad and therefore feeling bad was not worth it. I decided I wanted to eat well and feel well. I started to not take feeling good for granted. My husband and I started doing a whole wheat, plant-based diet. We feel so good! (However, since my student teaching started we have not been keeping up with our healthy eating) We were very strict with our diet. It was definitely worth it because even now we have made some healthy patterns that will stick with us. Here are some of the things we have incorporated into our diet. I really like the word life style better then diet because that is what it really is.

This was a hit! My husband and I love it! It is whole wheat bread with guacamole and tomatoes!

These were really nice because I just made a few at a time and could grab one whenever I got hungry. It is drained corn and black beans, brown rice, sautéed zucchini and onion, and then a little hummus for dipping.

Our first shopping trip with our new lifestyle in mind.
Red, yellow, and green peppers, pinto beans, mixed greens, kiwi, lettuce, brown rice, peas, maple syrup, whole wheat tortillas, applesauce, whole wheat bread.  

Gluten free pizza, garlic salt, cream of wheat, mushrooms, hummus, and whole wheat buns.

Barilla whole wheat noodles, Pretzel Crisps original, whole wheat seasoned croutons, tea, black beans, kidney beans, corn, pinto beans canned and a bag of them, banana peppers, Victoria's tomato sauce, jalapenos, natural peanut butter, and bananas!
Potatoes, and almond milk.

This is so yummy! It is a whole wheat tortilla cooked a little bit on a skillet to make it a little crunchy. Then put all natural peanut butter, some honey, and bananas. With a side of applesauce.

I went on a pasta kick for awhile. This has sautéed onions and garlic with kidney beans and Victoria's tomato sauce. I poured it over potato wedges.

This salad was amazing. My husband made it, it has mixed greens, whole wheat seasoned croutons, banana peppers, raw onion, and balsamic dressing.

On the left: there are flax flakes on the bottom then wheat puffs on the top with cut up strawberries and almond milk.
On the right: my husband likes Frosted Shredded Wheat with cut up strawberries and almond milk.
These pictures are just a few that I have. If you are interested in more healthy options let me know and I will do more posts on it!

We are not on such a strict diet now, but I think doing this diet has definitely helped us make some good eating habits.

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