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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Meeting Amelia Grace

Filling out the paper work!
And about to get ready for my C-section.
Aunt Audrey and Uncle Isaac waiting to see Amelia!
Daddy going to show everyone! Its a girl!

And they finally get to hold her!
My Dad, Grandpa getting to hold her for the first time. Precious!
The first time I got to hold my Amelia Grace.
My first words to/about her were, "She is so beautiful"
I could not believe my little Amelia girl was finally in my arms!
Daddy getting to hold her!
We were so happy and so relieved the pregnancy was over,
and everything went great, and we had a healthy baby girl.
5lbs 3 1/2oz

19 1/4in long

Mamaw and Papaw hurried to get to Kansas from Indiana:
they arrived the next morning, and got to hold their precious grandbaby.
She is the first grandchild on both sides.

Her first photo shoot! I am not sure if other hospitals
do this, but our hospital did a little photo shoot. Then they
would take the picture you chose and would pin it up on
a board. They would do this with all of the baby's for each month.
I loved looking at the other baby's born in February with Amelia.
Also, it was really fun to do the photo shoot when I was in the
hospital for four days.
She did not like the car seat unless we were moving.
She is still like that most of the time.
Look at how little she was!

We actually did not have any clothes for her because
we were not expecting to have her when we did. Thankfully,
her Mamaw went and bought her some tiny clothes. Her Grandma
brought her some clothes for us, but they were huge!

It was in February when we brought her home and it was so cold
so we bundled her all up!
Daddy and Amelia as we are about to head home.

Our little family!
We are home!

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