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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Sweet Side of Pregnancy

So yesterday I did a blog, Toxemia:My Pregnancy Story. You can check it out here Toxemia:My Pregnancy Story. That was more of the awful side of my pregnancy. Today I want to share with you guys the happy side of my pregnancy. Or should I say my husband and I's pregnancy because we were definitely in it together! 
I found out I was pregnant on Shane's birthday, July 1st. I loved finding out on his birthday, it was so special and something we both will always remember. It was seriously the very next day when my mom flat out asked me, "are you pregnant?" I must have been exerting happiness!  😊 Also she knew we were not using any preventative measures. It did not take us very long at all to get pregnant, it was three months after I went off of birth control. The women in my family have a saying about us; we are "fertile mertile". At this point Shane and I had been married for 6 months. God had the perfect timing! 

After we told my parents we were pregnant we told my syblings and then called Shane's parents to let them know. Everyone was so excited! My moms reaction was my favorite she literally jumped up and down while clapping and then shed a few happy tears! 
We had our first ultrasound when she was 14 weeks and were so hoping to find out if our baby was a boy or a girl, unfortunately it was to early to tell. But seeing our baby inside of me made it so real! I remember thinking, "wow I am going to have a happy energetic baby". She was just going crazy inside of me; just swimming around moving all over the place! We got to see her beautiful hands and feet, her little profile, how long her arms and legs were. Everything about her was incredible! It really brought this verse to life:

Psalm 139:14

New International Version (NIV)
14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
    your works are wonderful,
    I know that full well.

Showing: I felt like I started showing around 8-10 weeks.

Cravings: Around 17 weeks I seriously started craving apples. One time I bought one bag of pre sliced apples and ate the whole bag! However about 5 minutes later...lost it! So after that I would still crave apples, I just would not let myself eat them. However, I could drink just a little apple juice. Yum! I also started craving cheeseburgers, oh my lands, I could scarf down a cheeseburger everyday! Just thinking about how good they were, is making me want one still! I would put tomato's, pickles, ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise. That was good stuff! Of course, this was way later in the pregnancy around 30 weeks, at first I could not even think about meat. Another thing I craved was cereal with cold milk! Really just milk in general, it tasted like I was eating ice cream. I was surprised that I did not want chocolate everyday. For some reason I just didn't really crave it. I was actually glad I didn't crave it because it has caffeine and I didn't want Amelia to have caffeine. Speaking of caffeine I just remembered that I craved Dr. Pepper. A nice ice cold DP! However, this was a craving I did not indulge in very often.

Weight Gain: I gain about  33lbs my whole pregnancy. I started off at 175lbs and ended up about 208lbs. After I had Amelia I weighed myself a couple days later and weighed 175lbs so I was right back at my pre baby weight. (I was very sick) However, my body seems to be a lot different. Mostly it is all just less tight. Also, through my pregnancy my hair started to turn really red. 

Feeling My First Kick: I had waited for so long to feel my baby kick. My doctor said it would take me longer to feel her kick based on the way my placenta was facing. (This is also a reason why I started showing so soon.) All of my friends that had been pregnant kept excitedly asking me, "have you felt her move yet?" They all felt their baby kick very early on in their pregnancies which is normal, but it made me a little sad to have I say no, not yet. I was 24 weeks when I first felt my baby girl move. It was amazing! I had finally felt my baby girl kick, and I loved telling my friends YES! when they asked me. After I started feeling her kick Shane wasn't able to feel it for awhile after, around 27 weeks. When he could it was amazing and another event that made the pregnancy real. We would play music for Amelia and she would just go crazy! It was so fun to feel her kicks. 

Class: I was in the last year of my four year degree. Wow! Classes were crazy and homework was hard especially studying. I did love going to class with my pregnant belly and feeling her kick almost through my whole class periods, I actually miss going to class and just feeling her kick. Actually after I had her I took her to one of my classes. It was really fun taking her and showing her off. 

Basketball: My hubby played basketball for our college. We both agreed that we really wanted him to finish strong his last season of playing. Therefor I got the filming job so that I could travel with him. It was so much fun, and I don't think it would have worked for him to play basketball if I was not able to travel with him. The week I had Amelia my husband was supposed to

One of the most amazing things I remember about being pregnant and reading about my babies development was around I think like as soon as 6 weeks when I read if my baby was a girl that she would already have her ovaries developed and every egg that she would ever have. It just touched me thinking about that she would grow up and have babies of her own. 

I got most of my information about my developing baby from Babycenter.com and I got their Baby app. I loved getting updates on my baby weekly.  

I love her profile!

It's a girl!

16 Weeks


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