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Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas and Our Infertility Story

Christmas has always been a life "land mark" if that makes any since. It is the point of year that I take into consideration what is truly important in my life. I notice things I waste my time on, things I need to work harder at, and I notice things that didn't happen through the previous year that I truly thought would have come by now. Some of these things can be like- cooking healthy meals for my family, spending more time with people I don't really know but would like to get to know, taking more "me" time, and lots of other things. The biggest thing that hit me this year is that we still don't have another baby. Last year I really believed that by Christmas this year I would either have just had a baby or we would be pregnant and I could do a fun announcement at Christmas time.

I know that God has the perfect timing on when to bless our family with another precious life. I am so thankful for this precious girl pictured here. She brings so much meaning and joy into my life, and she made me a mama.

This journey of infertility (which I hate to say) has been long and painful.
This last year I finally felt ready to pursue a medical explanation of why we aren't getting pregnant. It has been test after test. I've had blood drawn, my Fallopian tubes tested, my ovaries tested, my hormones tested, I've had lots of tests done. Thankfully, they have an answer of what's been going on. It appears that I'm not ovulating. They don't know why I'm not ovulating, and they don't know how long I haven't been ovulating, but at least we have somewhere to start.

I still don't know our plan of action for this problem, but again I am trusting in God for wisdom for the doctors, strength for Shane and I, and His perfect timing.

And I am hoping once again that by next Christmas I will have a new born baby, and that my family will find joy in the journey.

I pray many blessings on your family, and I hope you had a very Merry Christmas!

The Brown's!!

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