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Saturday, December 23, 2017

Cozy Christmas Living Room/Christmas Eve

Hi friends, happy Christmas Eve!

I have to admit that I am a procrastinator, it's bad. But, there is nothing like having your hubby's family and your family come to put you it the pressure cooker. Thankfully, the pressure made me kick myself into action and I was able to finish all of the Christmas decor that I wanted to get ready for today and Christmas. Another thing that helped me kick it into gear was buying fresh greenery. I bought some eucalyptus and some fresh cedar. The fresh greenery just made me so inspired to create a cozy Christmas living room.

I started by putting some of the cedar into some of my milk glass vase collection. I love how the green just pops against the white, and it plays well with the light colored wood I have on our end table. This is the end table that I painted black, and then I put the wood circle thing on top of it.

Then I put the fresh eucalyptus in a big ball jar so I could see the water and stems. And how adorable is this cotton stem wreath welcome pillow from my friend Stephanie over at Returning Grace I love it. I am really loving the cotton stem as accents right now with my Christmas decor.

So, I grabbed a couple cotton stems and put them in my tree like the twigs that people usually put in their trees. I think it adds some contrast and interest to my tree. I'm not going to lie, I almost chickened out and didn't put the cotton stems in the tree, but I am so glad I didn't because it makes me happy to see them in the tree, and I like it.

To really bring home the cotton stems as the accents I decided to stick a couple of them in my stockings, and I also added a cotton stem wreath to the hutch. I just hammered a nail into the back of the hutch so I could hand the wreath on it. How cute is the come in a cozy up sign that just so happened to fit perfectly in the wreath. It is from my friend Katie Written On Wood. I also wanted to incorporate a few more dark wood items so I used these stocking tags from my friend Stephanie Shiningsaltdesigns, aren't they the cutest and they are such a perfect size. I also love how they work with my "gathered and grateful" sign from Pine and Prairie Design

And here's some other snipits from my living room this Christmas season. It kind of ended up with a cozy wood-sy feel with neautrals and then pops of red. And, I want to say thank you to all of these small shops for having such great shops full of amazing products! 

Tonight we had our whole family over. We had a big meal, talked about the reason for the season, had a white elephant gift exchange, went to our churches Christmas eve service, and most importantly enjoyed eachothers company.

I hope you all had a good Christmas Eve!!

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