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Monday, December 11, 2017

Christmas Master Bedroom

Hey guys!

How in the world is it almost Christmas? December has literally flown bye, that just means that it has been super fun, right! I am going to soak in every second of this Christmas season. I had some time today to get my bedroom Christmas-afied. I found a huge 25 ft live garland for around $10 at Sam's Club and it smells so good you guys. I have never had fresh garland before, but I am really loving it. I grew up always getting a real tree, but when I got married my hubby is allergic to them so we get a faker now. But, I did get the real garland and we will see if that makes him sneeze.
I have never decorated my bedroom for Christmas time, and I don't know why I waited so long because it feels so warm and cozy in here now.
Oh, I forgot to mention that this all started with making my bed. It was crazy, right after I finished making my bed I was filled with this crazy amount of energy to clean and decorate. So I put that into my bedroom. I love how it turned out.
I stuck to the classic Christmas colors of green, red, and white. There is just something so cozy about the classic colors.
My favorite thing in my bedroom was this craigslist ginormous window, and I love decorating it. So it got a banner from Target, and the garland. Hello, can we talk about buffalo check for a sec! I am like ooh-ing and awe-ing over it.
Of course I have some small shops that I got to incorporate into my room. I feel like small shop items always bring a certain feel, something that feels like someone worked so hard to make this. I just appreciate their items more than something I would have found at Hobby Lobby.
Anywho, here is my room!

I ended up making a tiny little coffee "bar" on our bed. Because who doesn't want a warm cup of hot cocoa while they relax on their bed. I know I do! My hubby would probably prefer coffee, but he can add all of the fixin's to his coffee.

The Believe pillow is from my friend Janice KD Mae Designs She makes all kinds of beautiful pillows and signs, and her shop is full of beautiful designs. Another shop I love is Nest2Impress which is where I got the, "the best things in life aren't things" pillow. She has several pillow designs and her etsy shop is full awesome pillow, shirts, bags, etc.

This warm and cozy pillow is from my friend Yvette @homesweet.happyplace I participated in a fun gift exchange swap on Instagram and we were partners which was awesome because she is one of my sweet friends from IG. She sent me this Warm&Cozy pillows from our friend Melissa @thecozynest1 I love the simplicity of the white fabric with the scroll writing. I love how it ended up popping against the buffalo check pillows from @brooklyndesigninc

This "come in and cozy up" sign is from my friend Katie Written on Wood She also has a wonderful etsy shop full of beautiful designs. She is so creative and really thinks outside of the box. I love this sign particularly because I feel like it can go into any room, and fits all of the seasons.

Tea towels are so nice to have. I love this "but first coffee" one from my friend Joey Simply Too Shabby She is so talented at making tea towels and pillow, and signs, and lot of other things!

This Merry and Bright sign is from my friends Christine and Jen, they are a Canadian business and they make beautiful signs! Obviously! You can check them out on Instagram Pine and Prairie Design

Like I mentioned before, I love small shops, and I really appreciate all of the time, creativity, and energy they put into making their products!!

My bedroom is where I go to relax after all of the hustle and bustle of the season. Today I spent the day cleaning and prepping for my family to arrive tomorrow. Family time is my absolute favorite, and so these next couple weeks are going to be so fulfilling! I hope you find some time to relax in between cleaning, wrapping presents, and celebrating.

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