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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Vintage, Gold, Dream(y) Inspired Bedroom

I have been planning my little whipper snappers room for awhile. I was totally inspired by this gold vintage bed frame. One of our close friends was gracious enough to give it to us, can you believe that!? I was blown away by how sweet that was. Our friend had bought it when it was covered in rust and he refinished it in this beautiful inspiring gold. The second item that inspired me for this room was this dream pillow that I ordered from TjMaxx.com. So from those two items I just ran with what was already happening. 

Vintage, gold, dream(y). I ran across this comforter from Target for $5!! Does that ever happen at Target, it doesn't happen to me at least. So I knew it was fate and I was meant to get it for this dream room in the making. It was the perfect way to incorporate a little bit of black into the girly color scheme I already had made, it needed a good contrast. The comforter was just the thing! 

I know you all have seen book walls popping up everywhere, they really aren't a new thing, but when Joanna Gaines used one in her decor at the Silos it brought it back into style. I adore a good book wall so I had to use it in here and put my own spin on it. I found four paper back books from the thrift store. All in different sizes so I could have a variety in sizes when I put them up on the wall. Because of Winn Dixie was one of the books I found at the thrift store, it could not have been more perfect and special because I loved that book when I was a youngin'! Plus, at each chapter they had a really big number so that was a fun little touch I was able to incorporate. Then I just ripped the pages off from the books and then put them on the wall using. . . are you ready for the secret to a book wall . . . Duct tape. Okay, maybe it isn't a secret, but it works. Once I had ripped most of the pages out of the books it was pretty easy to put the now slim book on the wall. I tried to use duct tape for this, but it didn't work so I ended up using tiny little nails for the majority of the book, and then I folded over the book pages and duct taped those onto the inside of the book, that way it hid the nails. 

The folded book pages ended up being the perfect flower vases for the pink ranunculus, and white flowers. I also wanted to add some of the strawberry baskets I found, so I just nailed those up where I thought they looked the best at. For the little folded book pages I just used one of the sheets of pages I had ripped out of the book and folded it up and duct taped it. 

I am a true fan of repurposed side tables so when I found these two mini chairs for $3 a piece I snagged them up real quick (picture me throwing them in my cart and the legs sticking out everywhere, fun times.) They fit the space perfectly and I think they add another pop of vintage flare to the room. 

My favorite part about this whole project was when Amelia saw it, she absolutely loved it. She told me that she wanted to show al of her friends. How sweet is that, it made the whole process so worth it. She is all girl, and I love it!

Anyways, I want to encourage you to step out of your decor comfort zone and try something new, and add your own flare to it! If you love it than that is all that matters. 

Enjoy the process,


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