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Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Beginning of Our Home Chronicles

When we first moved into this home I knew we had some interior design projects ahead of us. This house is very builder grade. What I mean by builder grade is that everything is very simple and plain jane. We searched and searched for the house that "sung" to us, but we never really found one. There weren't a ton of housing options and we really needed a home quickly. Noblesville (which is in Hamilton County), where we live now, is a suburb of Indianapolis and I just found out that this area is the number one growing county in the Country. That is crazy, can you even imagine. So we had a ton of competition in the summer when we were trying to find a home. Our realtor said that most homes he had sold he had gotten several offers for the home and people had to start bidding above the asking price.
Back to our story. We searched and searched for the "perfect" home, I mean to the point where I think our realtor was pretty sure we were never going to find one. We actually looked at this super cute farmhouse in the country that had a huge area for a garden and a chicken coop, and extra land. The poor house just needed a lot of work. More work then Shane or I could do. The house needed modern electricity, the well was dry, the foundation was off, it probably needed at-least 100k put into it. I was totally up for the challenge, but we really needed a home that we could live in right away.
So I started making a list of things I really wanted in our home. I knew I wanted a big kitchen, a large living room for hosting, a dining room, a bonus room, two bathrooms, and three bedrooms. We had looked at several homes that were "builder grade" that didn't have any charm to them and they didn't strike me as what I was looking for. We actually looked at the house we ended up buying the first couple days of our search, but I was still holding out for a house with some charm.
We finally found a home that met my criteria and it was in a gorgeous part of town and it actually had an adorable sun room attached to it, so we put a bid on it and started the paperwork and they accepted our offer. It was time for the house inspection and this is where our plan for this home all blew up. The inspection came back terrible!!! So many things were broken and not up to code, all of the windows in the house were broken in some way, the crawl space and the attic had mold, etc. Yikes! So we backed out of the house. This is when the discouragement started to sneak in, but we kept looking and we knew God had the perfect home for our family.
The search continued, and at this point I am really feeling bad for our realtor. A couple days later he took us to a home that I instantly had the feeling of this is "the one" so my hubby and I started getting so excited, our realtor is smiling and literally said, "I didn't think I would ever hear the words, I love this house, come out of your mouth." So we put an offer in and everything looked good our spirits were lifted and we were so excited. Until boom, we get a call that apparently there were a ton of back taxes on the home so we weren't going to get the loan. What!!! No way is this happening. Oh, and I forgot to mention that we were living with my In-laws this whole time. They were amazing and so kind to let us stay there, but we were ready to find our own home.
So we waited for a couple days to go by before we went to look at houses again. At this point I've cried, my hubby has cried, my mom cried for us, and we started thinking okay should we just buy an apartment for a little while. We hated this idea because we are not renters we love owning our home and we love having the freedom to change anything at anytime.
Thankfully our realtor said, "hey guys some new houses have come on the market lets go and look at them". So we agreed and we went to go and see some, but I really did not like any of them. During this whole process I was actually thinking about the layout of the home we ended up buying. The one we saw on the first couple days of house hunting. I had been thinking about how I loved how the house was set up and I think I could work with it and give it some character. I started to look at it as a blank space and not so much as a "builder grade" home.
So we put an offer on it and the third time was the charm because everything worked out perfectly. We fell in love with our home in Deer Path! It is a great neighborhood. We have a great park that has tennis courts, basketball courts, a gorgeous walking trail, and a pool. Our house has everything and more than I wanted. We have a huge living room, a bonus room, a big kitchen, a laundry room, a dining room, three bathrooms, three bedrooms, a fenced in yard, a two car garage, and a great entry way. We feel super blessed and we are so glad that we were patient and waited for the perfect home God blessed us with.
Now that we are finally settled in we have started working on some projects to give this home some character.

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