Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Everly Joy Brown

I would like to introduce Everly Joy Brown! Our new little Chihuhua mix puppy. She is three months old, and weighs 3.5 lbs. She's so little! And she has red hair. She just fits perfectly into our little family. 

It was puppy love at first sight. The pictures at the beginning below are from the first time we met her. The very first time I held her she just fell asleep on me. I was melting! And so excited about the possibility of having her as our new puppy. Shane and I have been thinking about getting a new puppy for awhile. We really wanted a lap dog. See we watch my parents dogs for them sometimes and they have a golden retriever, (Autumns sister- our golden retriever) Chloe and a little ShiChi, Ruby (have Shitzu and half chihuahua) who happens to have red hair, too! When we watch them we really enjoy Ruby and how snugly and little she is. So that's where we got this idea that we wanted a little puppy. 

We have been thinking about getting a puppy for awhile we just didn't have the opportunity that felt right yet. 

Well let me tell you how we ended up with Evie. 

We just got done with a youth group fundraiser and walk out of the building and theirs this little scruffy puppy right by the doors. So instantly we think, "could this be the one?" However, a couple minutes later we find out that puppy has an owner. And phew because that puppy was SCRUFFY!! 

Then all of a sudden this girl comes running out asking do you guys want a puppy because we have two chihuahua mix puppies. We tell her we would like to see them. So her dad brings them out and instantly we knew we would keep Evie. She was so tiny and snuggled with me right away. And she has red hair that matches our family.

So we kept our little Evie and haven't regretted our decision one time. Amelia is head over heals for her "Evie Girl" it's adorable. 

We made her middle name Joy because our theme this Christmas was joy and she is our Christmas puppy. And she brings our family such joy. And her personality is so fun and joy-filled! She already has so many nicknames, but the main one is Evie. 

Here are some pictures of Evie. 

The above pictures are from the first time we met her. 

The rest of the pictures are from the last month since we have had her. 

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