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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas From The Browns

Merry Christmas from the Browns! I hope everyone has a great Christmas celebrating with the people you love- with lots of laughter, prayer, eating, and believing in the reasons for the season!! 

We have been so blessed this year!! Praising God for that! One of our many blessings was being in our own home, and we have really enjoyed our Christmas decorations in it. They have fostered some relaxing evenings where we have just sat by our lit tree, and enjoyed family time. 

December is a huge month of celebrations for us. December 8th is my birthday, the 17th is our anniversary, and of course Christmas on the 25th. We enjoy getting to celebrate so many special occasions in one month. It gets busy but thankfully we have been able to also find time to slow down and enjoy the special things.  

I had a couple things I really wanted to incorporate into our Christmas decor this year. 

-white, lots of white
-pops of red from our wedding
-homemade ornaments 
-advent calendar 
-DIY chalkboard 
-joy to the world theme in Amelia's room

I really love a simple/shabby chic/rustic Christmas look! I started with making some homemade ornaments from materials that I found at crafts stores, and some of the materials were even from the thrift store. (Yay for repurposing) I went ahead and dressed up a plain white candle, too. 

And speaking of ornaments. My mom gets all of us kiddos an ornament every year. So I happily kept the tradition with Amelia. 

This is my first ornament from my mom and one of my favorite ornaments ever. 

And this is the ornament I bought Amelia for her first Christmas. I thought it resembles mine. 

Then I made my new chalkboard, that I love! Joy is in the journey!

We found this Christmas tree at Target.  This is the first year we purchased a fake tree, and I was actually impressed with how the it turned out. After we put the tree up I was really at my Christmas spirit peak and was ready to decorate more. 

Then I brought out some festive pillows. Next year I will definitely make some DIY dear pillows. I made these red striped pillows last year. (It's hiding on the bottom of the cart, but their is one on the couch not shown)

Most of the pops of red are from our wedding! They make the decor extra special! Like this red stool, it was used on the gorgeous coffee bar that we had. And the ornament is also from my wedding. We had an ornament on every plate, and it was their's to take.

I worked hard to make several DIY ornaments for the advent calendar. I used some ornaments and tags I bought from the $1 section at Target. (I went crazy in the $1 section : ) Then I was able to use them to dress up my gifts. 

(Not a DIY but it's from the advent calendar so I wanted to show you. Merry Christmas!!)

Then I let Amelia help me decorate her room. She was so excited to have her own Christmas tree in her own room. And her theme was joy to the world. 

And I went ahead and set the table for a dinner party!  

And of course a couple wreathes. 

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