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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

DIY On Trend Custom Candle

I hope you all had a very happy Thanksgiving. I had a wonderful time traveling, spending time with my family, eating, laughing, enjoying the city, playing games, and getting a couple extra days hanging out with my family from the weather.

It was really fun being in the city, but my hubs and I always loved coming back to our small town. It is so much fun searching around a new area. Booker and the closest town to it, Perryton, still feel like relatively new places to us. We are still trying out all of the restaurants there, we are still finding where to shop, etc. There is this store called, Shopko. By the name I thought it was for sure a farm shop with farm supplies. I was so wrong! It is a shop with clothes, candles, decorations, pillows, throw blankets, (you know how I love my pillows and throws), a little bit of food, and quite a bit of other stuff. It is one of those stores that marks the prices up really high and then puts everything on sale. So really you are paying the correct price if you buy the item on sale. Anyways, I was falling for their scheme because they had some adorable pillows, lanterns, some plain white candles that I obviously needed for the lanterns, some Christmas ornaments, and some other stuff.

Onto the DIY. I have been loving how people are adding feathers to their Christmas decor. So I jumped on board, and I started by making this feather candle. I made them ahead of time so they will be ready when I decorate for Christmas. I took the plain white candles I bought and put them on the new candle sticks I bought from TJMaxx. They were just a little bit plain, and I had just bought a roll of patterned burlap that was burning a whole in my DIY pocket so I combined the two and ended up with a really great candle that adds a lot of texture to my room.

I used . . .
hot glue gun, 
and twine 

This is the burlap I got, I love the pattern!! I snagged it at Wal-mart for 3ish dollars.

I got these two candles at Shopko (on sale) for like $5 for both of them.

I also got these feathers from Shopko for like $1.50.

And these are the candle sticks from TJMaxx.

So to start I just wrapped the burlap around the candle to see where I needed to cut, make sure the material over laps just a little bit. Burlap is so nice to cut because it already has a straight line in the material.

Cut it where ever your line is.

Then go ahead and hot glue one side to our candle.

Then glue the other side on top of the side you already glued.

And ta-da you have yourself a cute candle! This would e a great present, too!

Now to vamp it up, I did the same exact thing I did to the above candle except I glued the burlap closer to the top. Then I picked out a couple of feathers that I thought looked good together. Play around with a couple different feathers to find the combination that you love.

Then grab your twine and wrap it around the feathers a couple times.

And tie a cute little bow on it.

And the finished product!

These are so cute, on trend, cheap yet chic, and they would make a really cute gift!
If you try these out then definitely tag me on facebook or Instagram @Adelemamabrown
And you will be seeing these again in my Christmas decor!

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