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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Brown's Photo Op- Booker

We had some family pictures taken, and I couldn't be more thrilled with how they came out. One of my new friends in our church offered to take our family photos, and she is extremely talented. Poor Amelia wasn't feeling the whole picture thing so she was definitely in a mood. Jessica, my friend worked so well with her and was super patient. We went to this vacant house in the middle of Booker that ended up being the best location ever. These pictures definitely match the style of my home which is pretty shabby chic. I love taking pictures to capture the stage that our family is in. (Amelia is 2 and 10 months old)  And I love that Jessica was able to capture some sweet moments from our little photo shoot. 

I searched and searched on Pinterest for the perfect family of three photo ops and styles. I definitely love the outdoor setting with natural colors and pops of green. However, when you are actually taking pictures with a little toddler that doesn't know that you want the perfect setting then all of your ideas kind of jump out of the window! I just had to go with the flow and that's where Jessica was amazing because she helped make sure everything looked good. 
Here are our fall/winter family photos for 2015

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