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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Amelia's Shabby Chic Big Girl Room

I have had so much fun planning Amelia's new toddler room. Once I wrapped my head around the fact that I was indeed creating her, toddler room, I was able to let myself enjoy it. It really helped me to think about how much fun she was going to have in there. I wanted to create a space where she could go and play with her toys whenever she wanted to. Somewhere she could feel safe and comfortable. I really wanted it to be somewhere she could be creative and feel inspired in. And I wanted it to be somewhere she could relax and fall asleep and have good dreams in.

I searched and searched for ideas on Pinterest. I thought about things I always like in my own bedroom. I thought about how to get her toys in there without it looking like a crazy space. I searched forever on how to make her (once toddler bed now crib) crib work for the room. Let me just say there was a lot of thought that went into decorating her little toddler room.

I am really happy with how her room turned out! She really loves it too! She has said multiple times how much she loves her new room! It makes this mama's heart happy. Actually, that is one of my favorite quotes for Amelia. She makes my heart happy. You will see that in some of the décor I used.

Before I started getting the décor I wanted for her room. I picked a couple colors I wanted to stick with. They say you should have three main colors to make your room look put together. So the colors I chose were pink, green, and blue, and then I added neutrals. I am loving mixing my neutrals lately so I am definitely incorporating that into Amelia's room. So I used all of these colors; pink, blue, green, white, gold (tan), and silver (grey). But since I am wanting to focus on mixing my neutrals I kept my pops of colors to a minimum so that those pieces could really make a statement without making the room feel cluttered.

Now this is a pretty small room. So I really had to figure out how I was going to make all of her furniture fit and look right.

Here are some things I knew I wanted in her room . . .
A collage right behind her bed.
A tall dresser being angled in the corner with the green box and the picture frame on top of it.
A big chalk board for her to color on.
Hanging up some of my old dresses in her room.
Hadving an accessible hamper.
Having her little chair with the dream pillow on it.
And then I wanted to add some special little details.

Here is the final result after I added all of those points to the room, and then I added other things to make the room complete. I still need to get photos for all of the new frames I got, but I am working on that. We are going to have photos taken! But I was so excited to share Amelia's new big girl room with you guys that I didn't want to wait!

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