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Monday, October 19, 2015

Tips And Tricks To De-Clutter Your Home (From A Woman With The Hoarding Gene)

Oh happy day! We are thankfully all settled into our new home! Our new home is quite a bit smaller then our previous one so we are having to downsize. It has really been a good thing because we were able to get rid of so many things that we really just don't need anymore. Every thing now is so uncluttered and it is really making our "cozy" home feel nice and clean.

Getting rid of a ton of our stuff really was not easy for me. I definitely have a little bit of a hording gene, it is a generational gene right? At least that is my story and I am sticking to it. I really had to change my thinking to get rid of everything. Here are a few tips and tricks that I did to make getting rid of stuff a little bit easier.

1. I kept telling myself, "memories are in your heart." This is a saying my mom taught me and it is so true. Just to remind me while I unpacked she actually wrote that saying on a box. She knows the struggle is real. When I saw the box it was like a light bulb went off in my mind and I just started getting rid of things. So tell yourself memories are in your heart and throw away/get rid of that purse you never use and has a stain on the inside.

2. I would hold up whatever item it was and I would ask myself, "do I love this?" or "does this make me happy?" 75% of the time I really didn't even like the item I realized that I really didn't love it and it really didn't make me happy to look at it. So, "it's gone!" to quote Duck Dynasty. After we didn't have our own home for two and a half months I was surprised how much I really missed my stuff. And I was surprised at how much I actually loved and item and that it really did make me happy to look at it. So if there was an item that I didn't feel that with I got rid of it.

3. Give yourself something to look forward to once you reach a goal. My goal was to get rid of 75% of everything in almost every box I opened. After I did that and reached my goal I let myself put together my new chair and bench. That was a real prize for me because I really wanted to see them all put together and in my new home. So find something to inspire you!

4. Sell some stuff. Who doesn't love a little pocket change? I know I do. Not everything that you are going to get rid of is a piece of trash or in bad shape. So things that are still nice you just don't use them anymore or they don't fit your color scheme anymore sell them. I sold some clothes on our local online buy, sell, trade page. Money can be a real motivator. And once you get a little pocket change you can treat yourself on something. I got a new throw blanket because I have been obsessed with them lately. They are so soft!

5. Keep your self motivated by thinking that when everything is de-cluttered then you get to do the fun part, decorating! I always feel like I can not see a room to decorate it if there is a bunch of clutter around making my eyes hurt. So donate, consign, throw away everything that doesn't make you happy when you look at it, or anything that you don't love.

I hope these tips and tricks help you de-clutter your home. I know that you will not regret it. I don't miss anything that I got rid of and I got rid of a lot of stuff. I am so glad that I did because it just makes it so much easier for me to clean my home and keep things in there place. Let me know if you de-clutter your home and if these tips helped!?

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