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Friday, October 16, 2015

Our Cozy Home Update

You guys, I feel so cool today because I put together our new chair, and our new bench! The chair and bench that I ordered came in a little while ago (one chair never arrived, hum?) so I have been trying to de-clutter our moving mess before I set them up. They were my inspiration to get that mess organized. Well, I finally took them out of their boxes and set them up. They are beautiful! They add a little bit of texture to our home, and they make it feel really homey! I am bummed that the other chair didn't arrive, I am still trying to figure out what happened there. Our home is almost fully de-cluttered, and I am just getting to the fun part of decorating. I am learning (thanks to my mom who is a decorating queen) that you have to decorate according to the character of the house. I am really trying to take that to heart as I decorate our new home.

If you guys read my post about decorating according to what you love personally, I am still trying to incorporate those things into my decorations. It has been a challenge to mix my neutrals since it is kind of a new thinking for me, but where I have mixed them already I am in love with the look and the feel of it so I am going to keep pressing forward.

It has been a journey trying to find this house to live in. And we are actually still looking to but a house, but for now I am going to make this cozy little rental of ours as homey as possible. My goal is to make somewhere my hubs can come home to and really relax and feel comfortable. And somewhere my little miss feels comfortable and can have fun at! (She has loved having her toys back!) And of course somewhere I feel good about and can relax in.

So here is me in the middle of figuring out how to put the chair and bench together. I loved how they both turned out. Thankfully, the construction was actually very simple!

I mean this looks fairly complicated, right? To be honest it really wasn't bad at all. The directions were super easy to follow. One thing led to the next and now I love my accent chair in my room.

To say I am thrilled is an understatement for me right now. Knowing that I am finally to the stage of unpacking where I can actually start decorating the walls makes me so happy. I love decorating. I really try to go in a room and then plan for days what I want to do in there based on the available space, where the windows are, etc. This above picture I was laying out my frames for a wall in the hall way. 

This was after I finally took all of the new frames and trinkets out of the Ross or TJMaxx bag to see them in their full glory. Now I get to decide where they are all going to go. Yay!

Awe, guys! He is the best daddy! Snuggling before she took a little nap. Ha! In my dreams. But still they are making memories! 

Now onto the final look of this chair and a little sneak peak of our master bedroom, Booker Style. By the way I started pinning like crazy so if you are looking for some pinspiration like I am you can check out my board, Master Bedroom Booker Style.
Our room isn't very big so this chair adds the perfect PPP of pattern my room needed. Plus since it is grey it kind of makes the room feel like it has more depth. But more about our master bedroom later . . . : ) (Also my dresser took a beating in our move and the bottom handle fell off so if you guys know where I can get a good french provincial handle please let me know!)

But first, let me show you the final look of the bench! This bench is now one of my favorite pieces of furniture in my home. I just love the script pattern. The color scheme goes perfectly with my decor. And it adds extra seating in our "cozy" living room. And not to mention it gives me another place to put pillows at! 


*Update: Yay the last chair came in and Zulily gave me $20 to their site.

*And house update: We just sold our house in Haviland which was a total God thing. The woman that bought our house has been praying for a house that perfectly described our home. We didn't want to sell it at first but then after talking to her we felt like we should sell it to her. And to be honest it was a load off of our shoulders. I think we will still live in this rental for awhile since we just moved in.

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