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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Master Bedroom/Guest Room Face Lift

When we first moved into our previous home (in Haviland) I kind of neglected our master bedroom. I really was pretty focused on making sure or best decorations were in the living room and dining area. That left a big whole where our master bedroom was concerned. So I decided to up my game and get motivated to giving our master bedroom a face lift. However, by this time I was actually preparing for us to move so I was thinking of our master bedroom as our future guest room (which I still don't have . . .  yet). I love teal, and I found an amazing spray paint that was the perfect color. Even though I like it so much, I thought the color would be perfect for a guest room. Plus, the color matches one of the main colors in the hand made quilt I just inherited from my Grandma who just passed away. I think the quilt would be a perfect comforter and really add a lot to a guest room. So I painted a chair I found on the side of the road, score! And I made some jewelry holders. I was in dire need of some, and I am still looking to see what project I want to tackle for my necklaces. I also painted some candles that adds a nice pop of blue to the side table as well as a vintage lamp I have had for awhile. I love the final look of it, and I can't wait to have a guest room to set up everything again! For now their are quite a few of these pieces in Amelia's new big girl room, I can't wait to share that room with you guys. I would like to share a couple of the diy's that I did with you guys. Because, you need to make them. They are just to easy and cute and usable that you need them too! Let me know if you want to see a certain diy post!?

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