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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Booker Home Inspiration

Moving to a new place, and a new culture, and a new home is nerve wracking, and exciting all in one breathe! I have been trying to figure out what decorating style I love.

I heard something like this . . .
Don't just follow the trends because they change all of the time. Figure out what you like whether it is "in style" or not. 

I really liked that statement because I can drive myself ragged just trying to keep up with the it trend.

I LOVE burlap! I always have! It actually seems to be one of the popular options lately but I really like it. Correction I love it! 

I also LOVE neutrals! I love mixing neutrals like tan, white, and grey, and natural materials (like wood), and even black. 

I LOVE soft cozy materials. Materials that just make you want to snuggle up and relax. 

I really want a good study place for Shane. A nice recliner where he can just sit for hours and read and pray. 

I am really trying to take hold of the fact that I am the woman of the house and I have certain ideas I want to see happen. I want a home that's environment is full of love, joy, family, faith, and relaxation. Those are the most important things in my life and I want my home to reflect them. 

So that's why I am figuring out what items "bring me joy" when I look at them. 

Or that "bring me love"

Or that "bring me family"

Or that "bring me faith"

Or that "bring me relaxation" 

So in order to do this it involves a lot of planning. I literally am planning out what I want each room to look like. That way I can try to find items that fit my critiria. 

And in order to plan I have to be inspired by my criteria, and also inspired by things that I like, that I mentioned above.

Here are some things that I have actually purchased.

My next blog I am going to make all about photos that have inspired me.

I really wanted to mix my neutrals so I needed something to combine grey and tan. I saw these pillow in TJMaxx and loved the pattern on them and could just see them on my master room bed. They pillows being the same size and pattern will allow me to have grey and tan in the room. And how soft is this top pillow! I really wanted to soften our master bedroom and make it a place where we can really rest.

This is an oversized pillow. I can't wait to throw it on my bed!

This is another pillow that I will use to combine grey and tan! And it adds another pattern that attracts the eye. I think I want to put this pillow on an accent chair with a white throw. I am still looking for the perfect white throw.

Shane and I are in dire need of some new and stylish kitchen towels. We are just really hard on towels. Plus, I can just imagine these being used on my Instagram photos because I love the fringe! I actually bought another type of towel that looks very similar to these but they stripe is a little bit different. I bought these towels 2 for $3. I bought several of these. I love a good deal, and I love TJMaxx for making great deals available. Did you know you can shop online at TJMaxx! I love it! I just got these towels in the mail today!
This is the best Zulily furniture shop that I have ever seen. It had the perfect accent chairs, and a couple adorable benches.

I really like the bottom towels and benches but I didn't click checkout on them. However, the top two chairs I did purchase as well as the bench. I couldn't get over how cute they were and how perfect they were for the rooms I am trying to create.

I really wanted to purchase the faux foot stool, and the bottom grey bench but I didn't. I am going to look for a vintage bench that I can repurpose really shabby chic. And I think I might get one of the gold Moroccan foot stool for Amelia's room. 
I love the colors and the fabrics of these pieces I think they are so relaxing.
I have purchased a couple other things, but I don't have pictures of the yet so I will just keep those to surprise you guys with when we actually move into a house. But I was to excited to contain what I have been getting for our new house.
House update: We are still living with the generous people from our church, who have become great friends. We are planning on moving next Tuesday into a rental for a couple months before we look at buying this house that is going on foreclosure. We appreciate your guys prayers!
Which pillow do you think I should put on this pillow in our master bedroom, if any?



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