Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Family Photos

What is it about taking family photos that makes me so excited and drives me crazy at the same time? I just want everything to be perfect (Atleast as perfect as I can get it). I literally stayed up late, after Amelia and Shane had both gone to bed, so that I could lay out all three of our outfits so that they would match and look good together. Don't get me wrong . . . I loved every second! 

A good friend from church, Cathy, was generous enough to take our pictures. 

Picture day was here! And so was a big ol' storm! Ahh! 

I had this big vision of our pictures in this beautiful piece of land with nothing but beautiful scenery! However, I had to be flexible because that obviously wasn't going to happen. It ended up working out great because we took our pictures at our church on a church pew. I brought a new throw I had just bought from Ross and a few new pillows as well. Thankfully I did because it worked out perfectly to spice up the church pew. And it gave a great texture and warm feeling to the photos. 

As far as the photos went I definitely raided Pinterest and made a board here if you want to check it out. Cathy managed to capture several of the photos I pinned. Go Cathy! 

On a side note, Amelia needed a big nap! That silly sue was tired and did not want to take pictures! Thankfully she gave us a couple shots of her beautiful smile! I haven't seen all of the photos yet because Cathy and her family just moved to Haviland (thankfully, they are actually renting from us) so she has been pretty busy lately! She did send me over a couple of sneak peek shots that I want to share with you guys today. : )

This was Cathy's first time taking family photos and I have to say I was impressed and super grateful that she took our pictures- she is one talented mama! 

(Lol not taken by Cathy, I just wanted to show you guys my outfit.)

I was really going for an all white theme with our outfits because you guys know I love all white everything! I went with all white because I know it will match my decor in our new house when I get the pictures printed out. 

I can't wait to see more of the pictures. And I want to give a big THANK YOu to Cathy!!

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