Monday, July 27, 2015

Living The Dream

Shane and I just got back from our church's yearly meeting. Basically that is where all of the pastors, youth pastors, elders, and leaders in the church come together to meet about what our church, the Evangelical Friends Church, is up to. Well, the whole theme of the meeting was to, "Live the dream to preach the whole gospel to the whole world" 

It was a great time getting to know the people in our church that attended, the people from our region, the Western area, people from other countries doing great work, and all of the other areas that were there. There were times of great fellowship, great debates (mostly on immigration), and a lot of planning for this next year. Hints the name, Yearly Meeting. 

Shane and I are thrilled to be apart of this amazing and powerful group. Even if we are the "newbies!" We are excited to carry out our mission here at Booker Friends church. 

So I have to share with you guys since you have come along with me on this journey of not having our own home yet. 

Well, I decided that I want to plan out what decorations, furniture, rugs, curtains, etc I want in every room of my house before I move into our new house (still not sure when) and just start nailing things onto the walls. I really want everything to be planned out. I really enjoy planning it out and I think the overall feel of the room ends up being more inviting and warm when I lay out where I want everything to go. This also involves purchasing new things. So, if you follow me on Pinterest you have already been able to see a little sneak peak into the feel, color schemes, and furniture that I dream our home looks like 

If you don't follow me on Pinterest I want to give you a little sneak peek right now. At least for Amelia's room. 

Let me go back for a second because a big part of the whole these this last week was "dream". People spoke about that in a couple different ways. I want to share the one that stood out to me. Our Yearly Meeting super intended, Dave Williams, spoke on Sunday morning and said that he had a big dream, his dream. To be a professional athlete, to have a nice house, and to be financially wealthy. Well, God got ahold of his dreams and had other ideas. Dave mentioned that he had to be open to God's dreams (through a renewing of his mind) for him so that God could use him as He made him. And now he is the Super intended- that just doesn't happen. 

Another way Dave talked about dreams was through an analogy. It went something like this. Native Americans have dream catchers so that when they sleep the dream catcher can filter out the bad dreams (or protect them from the bad spirits), right? Well as a Christian we no longer need a dream catcher because we have an almighty dream catcher and dream maker. 

Every night I tuck Amelia in and we pray. Almost every night I always pray God give Amelia good dreams. 

Dreams that are impossible for anyone but you to accomplish.

Dreams that are satisfying to Amelia's heart. 

Dreams that are in line with what you God made Amelia to do. 

Then I also pray that God will help me see what He has made Amelia to do so that I can encourage her to focus on that. 

A friend of Shane and I's was speaking a couple years ago and he said, "If your dreams aren't impossible then they aren't big enough for God" 

So the theme of the meeting really struck a cord with me because I love when I see someone dream big! For example, we have about 15 youth in our youth group right now and we are throwing a back2school bash. Well, Shane is asking God for 50 student to show up. Now that is a big dream at least it feels like a big dream to me. But why not ask God for a big dream. Nothing is impossible for God. 

Obviously I love the word DREAM, it is so inspiring. To not only have good dreams at night, but to also have huge dreams in your life. 

I was shopping at tjMAXX about a month ago and I found this pillow I loved that had DREAM on it in gold sequins. I almost bought it but I am the kind of shopper that when I see something I like I  throw it into my cart and then at the end I sift through it all and decide what I actually want to get. Well my budget at the time didn't have enough room for me to get this pillow for Amelia's room. I couldn't get this pillow off of my mind for a couple weeks so I decided I really did love this pillow and I was going to try to find it online at tjMAXX.com and believe it or not they had that pillow for sale online. I was ecstatic and purchased the pillow. 

We just got back from Yearly Meeting yesterday and so Shane went and got the package and brought it to me after he had gone to work. And sure enough it was the DREAM pillow. : ) I can't wait to set up Amelia's room and put that pillow in plain sight (I'm planning for it to sit on a chair) so that she (and anyone who goes into her room) is reminded to DREAM. 

(This isn't our chair, it is the people we are living with, but I couldn't wait to see it sitting in a chair) 

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