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Friday, June 5, 2015

Amelia Grace Top Knots OOTD

The other night I was rocking Amelia to sleep. I was rubbing her hair like I always do because it works like a charm almost every time! I realized that since her hair has grown about 2 inches in the last two weeks it would probably go into a top knot. I got way more excited then I should have, but it doesn't get cuter then a top knot in my opinion. . . that is until now. Two top knots!

We were going to the store to buy a few things so we got dressed fairly quickly and as you can tell I threw my hair up into this huge bun. Which has been my summer go to hair style. Quick and easy and actually surprisingly looks pretty put together- can't beat that as an on the go mommy look. Going to the store is a kind of a big deal to Shane and I. If you don't get out of our town you start to feel trapped. So little trips to the grocery store save us.

Daddy was kind enough to take some photos of us. He is becoming a really good photographer.
                                                                   Me and my girly wirly!
                                            Her eyes look so much like her daddies. Love.
                              These shorts of Amelia's are my go to bottoms for her right now.
                               She is such a happy toddler! Daddy helped her "pose", but she
                                                    brought the smile all by herself.
                           It doesn't get any better then seeing Shane be so sweet with our baby girl.
                                                                     This smile tho. : )
                   Daddy is her first love! She has him wrapped around her finger. Watch out!
Sleeping pictures of Amelia are some of my favorites. It makes me think of her as a newborn when she would sleep so much and cuddle with me all day.

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