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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Carriage Crossing In Style

Hey mamas! I am so bad about keeping our "good-new clothes" for special occasions. I finally decided to get over that and enjoy "good-new clothes" on a daily basis. Besides Amelia is growing so much lately that I want her to wear her cute clothes as much as possible.

Getting dressed always feels so good and it is such a great way to start the day by feeling good, clean, and ready for the day!
Amelia is wearing a peplum top from Kohl's. I bought her this shirt in December and she has probably worn it 4 maybe 5 times because I don't want it to get stained or anything. Thankfully Resolve has been my go to stain remover and hasn't failed at get any stains out yet so this reassures me that it's okay if she spills on it. She is also wearing her new kimono from TJMaxx. I bought her this kimono for Easter and I am happily surprised that it matches so many things in Amelia's wardrobe.
I posted this picture on my Instagram account and you guys really seemed to love it.
Thanks for all of the love!

I am wearing a new top that I just got, my new jeans from TJMaxx that I told you guys about a few posts ago. Necklace: Cichic. Purse: Ralph Lauren Polo/ Shoes: Sperry's
And my favorite hairstyle right now, a high bun!

We went to Carriage Crossing in Yoder, KS which is where Shane and I had our rehearsal dinner at. We went with my family (missing my brother Isaac), and it was a great night of hanging out and talking about new opportunities. And of course it is always romantic whenever we go here.

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