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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

DIY Canopy Chic, Cheap, and Easy!

I posted this picture of Amelia's new reading nook area on Instagram. Let me tell you more about it. I redecorated her room because she is getting to the age where she can really use her bedroom for more than just sleeping. I updated her room to fit her personality so I made it super girly, but I also wanted to make it relaxing. Hints the reading nook area. This girl loves to read! I want to encourage her to keep reading so I made this area in her room where she can go and read at anytime she wants! (This also gives a contained area for her books. Trust me they needed an area.) Several of you thought the canopy that I hung over her chair was a great idea! I thought I would go ahead and share with you guys a quick blog about how I made it. It is ridiculously easy, and cheap! Amelia loves her chair, but this canopy added that extra chic and special feel, and Amelia loves it!

You will need:

One large embroidery circle (I bought mine at the thrift store for about 10 cents I think)A hot glue gun
One white sheer curtains (I found my curtain on sale at Walmart for $3)
Twine (I bought this twine at Target in the $1 section)

This project is so cheap and east, but super chic!

Here's how you can make it:
Grab one ring from your embroidery circle.
Tie a knot with your twine onto the ring. Cut off the short side of the twine
from the knot so it is not sticking out.

Wrap the twine around the ring lengthwise. Then wrap the twine around the ring
like the picture above to hold the twine in place.

Just keep wrapping the twine around the ring until you get
the look you are going for.

Grab your hot glue gun and your sheer curtain.
It is important to remember in this step that your curtain has to go on all
of the ring (except one little area in the front of your ring). So, when you are
bunching your curtain up make sure you have already
planned it out. You don't want to get to the end and realize you don't have enough curtain.
Work in little sections at a time so your glue doesn't dry before you put your curtain on it.
Just put the glue on, and start working the short side of your curtain onto the
ring and glue. Do this by putting a section of the curtain on and then bunch it a little bit,
and then keep repeating that step around your ring. You are going to want to leave a part of the ring in the front where there isn't going to be any curtain. This will help the curtain open up around the object you want it too. For example, it can now go around the chair Amelia is sitting in.
Once you are done with that you can just tie some twine or cute ribbon onto two sides of the ring
so that you can hang it!
If you do this DIY hashtag me #adelemamabrown or just tag me in your picture @adelemamabrown
Crafting is such a fun outlet for me, it is just a great time where I can do
something I love and feel productive while I do it!


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