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Monday, April 27, 2015

How To: Wear Green Eye Shadow

I have always been really light skinned. Even when I lived in Arizona I would lay out for days upon days and I would only get a few freckles. With that being said, since I am so light skinned, a dark smokey eye tends to look more like a backwards raccoon eye. At least the last several times I have tried it. At least I have been unsuccessful when I only used black and whites to create the look. I have  learned so many little tips to create a better eye look. (So I don't end up looking like I have a black eye, yikes!)   I haven't given up trying a smokey eye on myself with just blacks and whites, (or mostly black and white shadows) even though I prefer bronzy colors on myself. I decided to branch out and try a green eyeshadow with this look and I ended up really loving the outcome.
Thankfully, the helpful tips and tricks I have learned will help insure that I don't look like a hot mess. My little tips and tricks include, blending blending blending, and adding some warmth in the crease area. Seriously though, blending is a huge part of what makes this look not so harsh. Just add a little bit of color and then take your brush in circular motions so that the color really blends. Try it, and you will know exactly what I mean. (Hopefully the video will show you more of what I mean). Also, by adding some warmth with warm toned bronzy colors really brings the life back into your eyes. I hope these tricks and tips are as helpful for you as they have been for me.

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