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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Statement Necklace Haul

I have been searching and searching for a statement necklace that I just love! One that can match with almost anything and one that isn't too much of a statement but still adds a little somethin' somethin' to my outfit.

 I found these two awhile back from Maurices for $10 each, I have been loving them but I want some that make more of a "little" statement.
I love statement necklaces because they are so fun and just add a super girly touch to any outfit.
You can wear one with boyfriend jeans and a grey t-shirt.
You can wear one with an adorable skater dress with a floral pattern and some sandals.
Or you can wear one with leggings and a high low top.
Or you can wear one with a plain shirt and a cute skirt like my friend Brittany Graham did on her blog xoxob.com (click here to see more) She has such a cute style, if you are looking for another fashion/mommy blogger I recommend her blog!

Whatever you wear a statement necklace with you are sure to look adorable!
And you should feel like you look-adorable!
I went on a search to find some great new statement necklaces I can wear this spring and summer. I found some really great ones!
I found this site cichic.com with an adorable selection of really cute, and really inexpensive statement necklaces.
I decided I would buy myself a little treat.
I was inspired to buy some more statement necklaces because I went on a binge spree of watching Hart of Dixie and their statement necklace game is on point! Just when I was thinking I didn't have any cute statement necklaces I saw Brick's girlfriend Shelby had on this Gemstone Necklace (that you can buy here), and I have a necklace that I bought from Forever 21 that looks exactly like it! It made me so happy! Don't you love it when you see an actress wearing something you have (or a look-a-like)?
Here's what the necklace looks like.
Here is the haul of statement necklaces and some statement earrings I bought at Cichic.com
For $3.89
For $3.89
For $4.86
For $4.86
For $1.94
That is my Cichic.com haul, and I can't wait to get my new jewelry. I am sure you will be seeing pictures of these items soon enough on my Instagram and Facebook page!
If you post a photo with a statement necklace or some earrings tag me #adelemamabrown and I would love to see it!
Now that I have this new jewelry I can feel a DIY jewelry hanger coming along! Stay tuned!
 I was not given anything for this blog. I found them all on my own and thought they were so cute. I was not sponsored for this post.

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