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Thursday, December 11, 2014

How To: Get No Smudge Nails

I tried Julep nail polish before and the whole nail polish peeled off in one piece. I was devastated after I waited for my sweet baby to go to sleep, I did a clear bottom coat, 2 coats of Julep (and I let them dry in between), and then a top coat! You can imagine my devastation. However, I gave it a second chance and tried it again and I am loving it!!! I put it on yesterday with no clear bottom coat, two coats, and Sally Hansen hard as a wrap top coat. It still looks perfect today! I am so impressed! Plus, I have a Jamberry accent nail! I love me some jams! The tip is to put the hard top coat on while the second coat of polish is still wet! Watch out though because some top coats make your nails bubbly so try to get a fast drying clear top coat! 

The Julep color is in Dariar! I love the deep grey color and I think it works perfectly with the sparkly fun accent nail. 

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