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Friday, December 19, 2014

Homemade Hot Chocolate

Wow is it getting cold out there! I used to live in Scottsdale, AZ where this time of year it was the perfect amount of chili so that you could wear boots and a light cardigan. (Which was a whopping 76 degrees)
Well, now I live in the middle of, no where, in Kansas where winters hit and they hit hard!
Out of the blue yesterday morning I woke up and their was snow on the ground, whah!? Can you imagine my face when I say that?
I love the cold weather and
 I love looking at the pure white snow and
I love wearing big (and as my daughter would call it, "cozy") sweaters and
I love that winter brings Christmas and
I love that, that means seeing family and
Yeah tea is nice for warming you up, 
but it doesn't get better then warm chocolately milk! 
I have never made real homemade chocolate milk before
and now that I have I am addicted!
Here is what I used-
4 Cups of whole milk
1 cup of chocolate
I started by pouring 4 cups of milk into a medium sized pan
and let it get warm. You want it to be warm, but
not boiling.
Then I grabbed a cup of these truffles. You can use
whatever kind of chocolate you prefer.
I am going to try white chocolate with peppermint next!
These Belgian Truffles were given to my husband because
the children in the school wanted to bless him with a sweet snack!
They had the students pick a couple teachers they wanted to bless,
I am so proud of him! And let me tell ya, these truffles are GOOD!
They made the hot chocolate.

 Stir it and the chocolate will start to melt.
Are you getting as excited as I am!?


You are ready to serve it and drink it up!

Of course Amelia wanted to try some!

And I had to snap chat my mom
who shortly after was brought a cup of this delicious hot chocolate
by my hubby!

I hope you guys are finding the bright side of this weather and the snow!

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