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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Freshly Picked Giveaway/Review!!!

The winner of this giveaway is Janet Aycock! I really appreciate
everybody entering, and want to give you all a big THANK YOU!!!
Janet, I emailed you!
I think you all know by now that I am in true love with Freshly Picked moccasins! It was love at first sight! And true love has struck again- with Amelia's second pair of Freshly Picked moccasins!
Amelia wore these "Platinum" FP moccs atleast 4 days out of 7, no joke. And two of those other days we were at home and she never even wore shoes because if she had she would have worn her beauts (her FP moccs they are so pretty they need to be called beauts) And the other remaining day she wore her Nike's.
Here are the beloved #1 Amelia's "Platinum" moccasins
She still does fit into her size 4 moccasins because they have a stretchy piece of elastic that holds the moccasin onto your babies foot. So another good thing about the elastic is that they grow with your child! Amelia has almost had her Platinum moccasins for over a year. They are still in amazing shape. They do have her foot print imprinted onto the bottom of the moccasin, it makes me love them that much more. I can't wait to be able to use them as decoration in her room whenever she does grow out of them. They will be so special since they have her foot print imprinted on them!
I chose the Platinum color for her first pair because I really wanted to try their soft leather and I wanted to try a classic color first. They have so so so many options for you to choose from. They have some cute printed options too. I almost got this adorable watermelon print, but like I said I just had to get a classic for her first pair. I am so glad that I did choose a classic because they go with everything!

So when I was choosing the second pair I knew I really wanted to try their suede leather since I already had a pair of their soft leather. I got side tracked when I saw their heirloom *****link moccs, they are adorable!!! So I actually told the Freshly Picked representative, Rachel who was amazing to work with and was so patient as I took about a week and a half to choose the color, that I would love to try out the heirloom moccs in size seven, and unfortunately they are only sold up to size 3. (I mean the struggle is real!) I was devastated, so I took about another half of a week and decided that I should go back to my original thinking and get a suede leather in a classic color. So I ended up with the "Stay Golden Suede"
And the next week I got them in the mail. Yay!
And that is when I fell in love with Freshly Picked moccasins all over again!
Here is what I love so much about them!
  • They actually stay on my baby bears feet! That is a miracle for baby shoes. I have been so frustrated with other shoes not staying on it is ridiculous. Hints why she pretty much only wears fp moccs. I think this has to do with the elastic on the top band that is completely covered by the material by the way.
  • They are so stinking adorable. Does it get cuter then a baby moccasin? I think not! And the style matches with everything. Depending on what moccasin you choose it will match with all styles for your baby bear. The Platinum ones worked really well with casual clothes, trendy clothes as well as with dress up clothes. Here are some examples.
  • They are great when you are going to a Broncos game. Daddy love. (my real love)

  • When you are the Botanical garden in the butterfly house pretending you can fly.
  • They are especially great when you are at your grandparents on the tire swing.
  • I was actually pleasantly surprised at how well the leather protected Amelia's feet.
  • They fit really well with or without socks which I see as a bonus for sure!
  • They are amazing for traveling! They are so soft and keep her feet really warm. And since they are so flexible they are great for however she is sitting. And they are really nice to carry around in your bag if you need to.
  • Speaking of bags, your moccasins come in an adorable bag that says Freshly Picked on it that has a cute little button! A new addition they have been doing is adding such fun emoji stickers into the box!
There are so many positives about these adorable moccasins. I have only found a couple downfalls.
  • I am not sure how well they support her foot, but I know their are studies showing that having babies in shoes like this is actually good and then I have seen studies saying that they need tons of support. I haven't seen anything that I have been disappointed by the support with Amelia though. Since they don't have a thick sole they are really light too.
  • They are pretty expensive, but they are pretty good about doing some great sales so if you are patient enough to wait to buy some then that will help.
  • After almost a year of Amelia wear her moccs they are just now showing a little wear.
They pros definitely outwait the cons!
Here is a video with some outfit ideas to go with Amelia's Freshly Picked moccasins! Check it out for some outfit inspiration for your mini me.
Pictures featuring my baby love, Amelia!

 Now go and enter to win a pair for your sweet sweet baby bear!
a Rafflecopter giveaway I want to give a big THANK YOU to Freshly Picked for sending me these moccasins. And I have to give a thank you to all of the mommy's and daddy's that work at Freshly Picked because they made it possible for Amelia to wear such adorable baby moccasins!

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