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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

It's Sweater Weather: and Aztec Leggings

Hi lovelies!
Wow today is cold! I can't help but get excited about winter attire sweaters, boots, scarves, and everything else that comes with the cold weather. Call me crazy, but I love my winter wardrobe and am excited to get it out and put away some of my summer clothes. I say some of because I keep out "summer" pieces I can layer with. Right now I am obsessed with leggings! There are so many cute designs out right now. I went to Ross the other day and they have a whole leggings section. I wanted to buy several of them because the prints on them are just so fun! I decided to choose just one pair. I will show you guys those leggings in a later outfit. Sorry to keep you waiting, but I am excited to share with you this outfit I wore today. And can I get an amen for comfy sweaters!?! I thought about going outside to take pictures for you guys but it is just way to cold so I hope you are okay with my bedroom mirror shots!

These are just socks that happen to be longer then my Arturo Chang boots.
Seriously guys, I am in love with these leggings!

I went with a natural makeup look to add to the casual and comfortable look, and I
grabbed some casual stud earrings however, they still have some bling to them!

Does it get better then a warm, comfy, and cute sweater? Not in my book!

Here is another shot of my makeup. Nothing to major at all. I went for some maroon shades.
Here is another outfit I wore with these Aztec leggings! They make any outfit pop!
By simply pairing the legging with a black top and black boots I let the leggings do all of the work
in making my outfit work!

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