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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A New Thanksgiving Tradition

Well goodbye October and hello November!
We all know November holds as the month of Thanksgiving. So why not start being thankful everyday this month and involve your family into the fun!
I am thankful for so many things in my life!
Last Thanksgiving my Grandma and I started a new Thanksgiving tradition when we put up a "Thankful Tree". This "Thankful Tree" consisted of branches we found outside, and then put them into a vase where we wrapped some twine around the top of the vase. 
Next I cut out a bunch of leaves using zig zag scissors and some decorated paper.
Then I used a whole stamper to put a whole in the top of each leave so that I could string some twine through the hole so that people could hang them on the tree.
Then we put out some sharpies so that everybody could write what they were thankful for, and then they hang them on the tree.
After we all ate dinner we grabbed a random leaf for the tree and read what that person was thankful for.
I had so much fun spending time with my family and hearing what they were thankful for.
Here is what you can tell your family, it is so easy you just . . .
!. Grab a leaf
2.Write what you are thankful for
3. Hang it up!
It was super easy to make the "Thankful Tree".
Then after everybody did at least one thankful leaf we used it as our center piece at our Thanksgiving feast.
Sorry I don't have pictures of our tree my pictures were all erased. : (
However, I think it would be a great idea (one that I am going to go and start) to make a "Thankful Tree" right now and everyday have your family write and talk about what they are thankful for that day.
Your Thankful Tree will be so full of great memories when Thanksgiving rolls around and then maybe you can share what you are most thankful for on Thanksgiving!
And, not to mention, that this would be an adorable and heart-felt table centerpiece.
Well, I am off to go get my decorations out and decorate my house for Thanksgiving!

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