Saturday, December 6, 2014

Eatza Pizza!!!

Homemade pizza, need  I say more!?
If you have ever had homemade pizza you know what I am talking about, it is just perfection in a pan. I have been in a pizza making craze. We had some friends over to eat dinner. It's been really fun, we have been having dinner about once a week. We will make dinner one week and then the next week they will make dinner. It is a great set up!

I decided to try my hand at homemade pizza! I knew it would be inexpensive and delicious!

It was a huge hit!
I didn't even get to take a picture of this pizza before someone got to eat some.

I made two pizza's.
Here is how I did it:
1) In a medium sized bowl add-
1 Cup of luke warm water
2 1/4 Teaspoons of Instant Dry Yeast (which is equal to one packet)
1 Tablespoon sugar or honey
2 Tablespoons of oil
2 1/2 cups of flour
2) Knead the dough a couple times, and preheat your oven at 450
3) Let that sit in the bowl cover with a towel for approximately 20 minutes.
4) Grease a baking sheet.
5) Take out your dough and use your hands to push the dough out onto the baking sheet.
6) Add spaghetti or pizza sauce
-about half of a jar seems perfect
Or barbecue sauce
7) Add whatever toppings you would like.
-I made one meat lovers with beef, sausage, and pepperoni
-I made one Canadian bacon, and pineapple.
8) Add tons of cheese
9) Bake your pizza for 15 minutes at 450
Enjoy your pizza!!!
Ps. You can make pizza pretzels by just rolling the dough out like "snakes"
and then just put the toppings on the dough. Or after you roll out your "snake" then you
can squish it down and then put the toppings on that and then roll
it up!
When you make your pizza please send me a picture so I can see what toppings you used!

I actually just made this pizza for my family the night before Thanksgiving, it was so good. My brother kept asking if I would make pizza for every meal.

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