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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

My First Guest Video!!! DIY Fall Decor video on The411mommas

You guys might have seen this message on my Facebook page, Adelemamabrown today, "Ahhhhh you guys!!! I am so excited to be a guest on #the411mommas Youtube cannel!!! Go check out my video and subscribe to the411mommas and my channel adelemamabrown This was an awesome experience for me! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ELr3_F7o-FM&list=UURsxw6PMaabfHYpZkiAFrTw #the411mommas #youtube #guest #the411mommasguest #mommyvlogger #mommyblogger #mommychannel #falldiy #fall #falldecor #craft #project #cheapproject #inexpensiveproject #centerpiece #welcome The 411 Mommas Adelemamabrown"

You guys, I am so excited about this opportunity. This is my very first guest video on someone else's channel which is The411mommas. I found this channel through the youtube channel, Mommytipsbycole who is a beautiful momma of three and has so much experience on Youtube and blogging and overall about how to work social media. Well, if I am correct I think she started The411mommas channel along with some other mommas that help her. I am not positive about that, but that is what I have gathered from emailing back and fo  rth with them about my guest video.

So moving on to the video. They gave me a super long list of ideas that I could make a video on so I read through the list (several times) to see which option really stood out to me. At first I wanted to make a video showing three fall looks or baby girls and their mama's! However, my hubby and I share one laptop and he was headed out for 9 days to go to what they call a face to face for his master's degree (Which by the way I couldn't be more proud of my husband and the hard work that he does for our family.) which meant that I was not going to have the laptop back until two days before I needed to submit my video to the411mommas so they could see it and have it ready to upload. So I changed gears.

I have been wanting to make a fall center piece, in fact I have been wanting to make this particular center piece ever since I found it on Pinterest several (emphasis on the several) years ago. I figured what better time to kill two birds with one stone, right!? Plus, I have tons and tons of ball jars from Shane and I's wedding that I have been wanting to use for something for awhile know.

Are you sensing a pattern here? Several. Awhile. Lack of Time. Well you got me, I am a super procrastinator! But I got the job well done!

Here is what I did . . .

So I grabbed 4 ball jars, some white paint, a paint brush, some sand paper, some twine, and some wild wheat.

1. I started by painting the ball jars. I used one fairly thick coat. And let it dry. You can paint these jars any color you have available or any color you would like to do. I think a pastel blue or pink would be really pretty!

2. I grabbed my little piece of sand paper and etched out the letters F.A.L.L. You can get as creative as you would like on these jars, they are for your table so you are the one that will be enjoying them the most so make is something meaningful to you and your family. Here are some examples, X.O.X.O, B.L.E.S.S.I.N.G.S, L.O.V.E, J.O.Y, your last name would be cool! Now I am getting really curious as to what you will pick to etch on your jars so please show me your creation. You can tag or hashtag it at #adelemamabrown or simply post it on my page, adelemamabrown on facebook.

3. I tied some twine onto the jars. I suggest that you make the twine on each jar a little different, it will really add some character and interest to the jars.

4. Go get some fresh air and pop outside to find some wild plants/flowers! It is inexpensive and looks almost rustic, but really adds to the shabby chic feel!

5. Enjoy your center piece!

I mention in the video that it feels so good to just take 20 minutes out of my day to work on a project I have been wanting to do for awhile, but it is so true! Taking 20 minutes (more or less) really rejuvenated me and made me feel like I was adding to the ambiance of my home. I have really been thinking about how it is mostly my job to make sure that my home is a place where my family wants to hang out at. An environment my husband loves coming home to. An environment my daughter is free to play and feel comfortable in. And an environment that I am proud of and enjoy taking care of and enjoy waking up to and relaxing in! I actually ended up totally redecorating my house and rearranging my furniture after I made these few crafts, I was so inspired.

I also show you guys how to make a cute welcome project with little pumpkins in the video. Here is the video that I made and am excited to share with you guys! I hope that you are all enjoying fall and this beautiful weather as much as I am!


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