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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Beauty Thursday:Hair Roller Bouncy Curls:Tutorial

I love throwing my hair up in hair rollers. I use the old fashioned ones. I bought them at a thrift store my junior year of high school for seriously like three dollars! They are so easy to use and don't take very long to make your hair curly. I also like that you can control how hot you want them, I usually don't let them get very hot. They are so nice for me because I just roll them into my hair and can then get Amelia ready or throw in a load of laundry do something while they are setting and them vuala I have a great curl!

Here is a vlog on how I curl my hair with the hair rollers, and the products I use to accomplish this look.

Watch my YouTube video below to see how I curled my hair with the vintage hair rollers, and to see more styling options! If you like the video why not subscribe! Thanks!

Below are some pictures of other times I have curled my hair using the hair rollers, and also the products I used in my video.

I did my hair super quick with rollers and had time to give Amilly a bath before we had to leave.
I spritz my hair with hair spray.
After you have taken out the rollers you can do several different hair styles.

Middle part

Super side part

Off-centered middle part

Swoop side part

A side swoop with your hair loosely to the side.

Side swoop with your hair loosely to the side and pinned back loosely.

You might even get some kisses!

I think after you curl your hair with rollers, it is the perfect time to go boho and wear a headband. The top headband I had actually just bought for Amelia, it was so cute I had to try it on! It is from my friends headband shop, Missy Moo. Check out her Facebook page, Missy Moo. to see the adorable headbands she makes! And she does custom orders!


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