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Friday, March 7, 2014

My Summer Closet Essentials

I know summer feels like it is lost in this long winter but it is around the corner, that is why I went ahead and bought some summer essentials (and some not essentials, but so cute I couldn't resist) at Dillard's last month when they were having their incredible sale that they do periodically. I know I warned you guys about this sale on my Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. I hope you guys were able to make it to the "big" city if you live in a small town like I do: or if you already like in a city then I hope you were able to sneak away and do some shopping.

Who doesn't love shopping? Alteast, I love it! It is such a stress relief time for me. When I am done shopping it is almost like I just did a work out and my endorphins have been increased. I sound like a shop aholic, and according to my hubby I probably am, but I rarely get to go shopping in "real" stores because we live so far away from the city. Shopping online is just not the same for me.

Something to keep in mind as you look through my summer essentials, I am a nursing mother, I still have some prego belly from my baby girl, my wardrobe is kind of designed to be versatile for if I happened to get pregnant.

Without further ado here are my summer essentials . . .

I am by no means saying that I know what is "in" in fashion, this is just what I will mostly be wearing through summer.

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