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My dear friend, Danae, started selling Younique a little while back. One day she told me she thought I would do great at selling Younique myself. However, I was not interested, but I was interested in promoting her business of selling Younique. We started our facebook page, Adele Brown's Super Amazing 3D Mascara Party! It has been so much fun having a 100% online party.

If you are like me and had never heard of Younique until just recently I want to fill you in on it, and let Danae's share her story.

"After I had our son Charlie, I began looking for a way to make extra income so I could stay home full-time. I stumbled across Younique at a Christmas show in Nampa, Idaho. What initially attracted me was the ability to make extra income by hosting parties on-line through the use of social media, with very low start-up costs and no additional fees! I have been able to set my own hours around my families' schedule and bring in additional income that will soon supplement a full-time income. What I am most excited about is that this business is providing me the opportunity to stay home full-time and have enough extra income to share with organizations that I am passionate about.

Younique offers a safe, naturally-based and beautiful cosmetic line. Every ingredient has been researched as 100% transparency and education is important to our company. We have nothing to hide and on our site we have listed every single ingredient, it's purpose and function, on every product. Younique proudly delivers high-quality cosmetic and skin care products that you can believe in and provide incredible results!

It is easy to start! With an extremely generous starter kit that includes all 30 eye-pigments, and 6 concealer samples and blusher samples, as well as our high-quality eye-brush set, and our number one seller, 3D Fiber Lashes! All of this comes in a beautiful signature black leather case! Since our Founder is a soft-ware expert, our business website is free for life! No additional fees ever! Our company has grown exponentially in just a little over a year and is gaining ground recognition quickly! This year we are expanding into several countries outside of the US!"

What a wonderful organization to be apart of!

Danae also says, "Dreaming BIG is something I am learning to do more! My goals and dreams with this business is to be able to fund projects with an organization called Destiny Rescue."

Danae does promotions like every 6 3D Fiber Lashes she sells one of them go to woman that have been through chemo-therapy.

How cool is that, that her selling Younique has allowed her to "Dream BIG" and follow her hearts desires- to help others.

So, our facebook party has been going on for seven days now so we will be having our 100% online party through the next two days. Join our party here. We would love to party with you guys!

Also, to learn more about Younque or to purchase a product you can go for the next couple days here!

And you can buy products here any day any time you would like!

Picture Walk:

My first time using my 3D Fiber Lashes. I am hooked! I love them! They make my eye lashes so long and full! They also feel so natural and when you touch them after applying the transplantation gel and the fibers they barely feel like anything is on them.
The eye pigments that I have on are, "Vulnerable" (A brown color), "Gorgeous" (A gold color), "Vulnerable" (pink), and "Sexy"(white). Sexy was my favorite, it is the perfect high lighting white. I love to use it right under my eyebrows and on the inside of my eye on my tear duct. These mineral pigments go on so smoothly, it was refreshing to my eyelid when I put them on. The cool thing about any of the eye pigments is that all of them can be eyeliner! All you have to do is dip your brush in water and them dip it in your color and voilà you have an eyeliner in whatever color you wish! They also sell Rose water that is great for replacing the water with when making an eye pigment into an eye liner. When you get the eye pigment wet it really makes the color more vibrant. 

Here a just a few looks that you can create with Younique products.

This is one of the beautiful woman that went through chemo-therapy and was able to use Younique to lengthen and thicken her lashes!

My friend made this diagram to show you the difference! And what a difference it makes!

Younique has several different products: all of them are 100% natural!

                       Before                                                                            After

You are already a beautiful woman!
*I was rewarded for this post but all opinions are my own.

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