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Thursday, January 23, 2014

A Second Chance To Wait

Why is the decision to bring another child into this life so difficult!?

I wrote this blog post almost a year ago! We still are not pregnant and are definitely wanting a little blessing!

My baby girl, Amelia, is turning one just around the corner. As she is growing into the toddler stage it is making my husband and I start thinking about when we want to embark on the journey of having another child.

It has brought so many questions into my mind . . .

Is my body ready?
Are my hormones (and my husband) ready for another roller coaster ride aka pregnancy?
Is Amelia ready to share me?
Will I be sick the WHOLE pregnancy again? 
Will we have enough room in our house?
Will I loose myself in motherhood?
I just accepted an assistant coach position for the college I played volleyball at and how will it affect it?

On the flip side it would be so wonderful . . .

To love another baby!
We have a great support team!
I shouldn't be sick the WHOLE pregnancy this time and can enjoy it!
Maternity clothes!
It would be great to blog about; my pregnancy updates.
My husband and I would be thrilled!
Our family would be growing!

What brought me to write this post is that a couple weeks ago my husband and I thought we might be pregnant. (We call it our pregnancy because he helps me so much and has to go through it too). It turns out we aren't and we now have a second chance to wait.

I believe we will wait until after the next volleyball season because it is a huge blessing to me that I get the opportunity to be the assistant coach for volleyball and I want to be able to give my whole self to it and really enjoy it.

Thanks for listening! I am sure I am not alone in this battle, and I pray all goes well for your families decision!


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