Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Beauty Box Giveaway!
(I am just calling it the beauty box. However, you are beautiful already!)
The beauty box contains:
-An adorable blue and grey chevron box
-2 Flower brand lipsticks (perfect colors for the perfect Valentine look)
-Two cheetah print nail files
-Hard Candy eye shadow, a dual pen with pink and white eye shadow
-And a Hard Candy Nail Polish
You can enter into yourself into the contest by simply using one or all of these methods . . . (Each method of entry you use I will put your name in the contest. So, you have several chances of winning the contest!)
1. By going to my page The House Wife and follow me via G+ (the follow button is on the side bar
2.By liking my facebook page Adelemamabrown
3.By following me on Bloglovin
4. By following me on Twitter
5. By following me on Pinterest
6. By following me on Google+
7. By following me on Instagram
8. By commenting on any of my social media sites
9. Or by sharing my GIVEAWAY photo
Honestly I wanted to keep these things for myself so that means you will like them, too! I actually bought two of these items for myself because I like them so well and it gave me a chance to do a little photo shoot of what you could look like with these products.

What you have a chance to win:


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