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Monday, December 23, 2013

Homemade Ornament Presents

The other week I posted a blog about Homemade Ornament/Gift or Bag Ornament. This blog was more of an inspiration blog for myself.
I decided to go ahead and make some! I am pleased with how they turned out.

Homemade Present Ornament
1. Cut out your stencil- I used cardboard and just free handed it
2. Trace your stencil onto the fabric you are using
3. Cut out your fabric
4. Put the side of your fabric that you want to show facing each other (after you sew it and flip it inside out then the nice part will be facing out)
5. Figure out where you want your loop holder to be and insert it in between the two facing shapes. Note- you are going to want your loop part to face into the shape. It will also help you invert your ornament. Once you have everything where you want it go ahead and pin it
6. Start sewing
Note that when you sew you want to stop sewing before you have finished to leave enough room for you to stuff your shape.
7. Stuff your shape
8. Sew it off by hand or by machine
9. Hang it on your tree or on a gift!

Picture Walk-


Heart  2 

Star 2

And A Few More Examples

I pray that everybody has a wonderful Christmas! I can not wait to get to see my family!
Tis the season for giving. I am so thankful that God gave/sent His one and only son, Jesus, to be born from a virgin, to die for our sins, and to be born again- so that we can be saved and have a relationship with God. 

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