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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Spit Up Machine: Aka Amelia Grace

 Who would have thought that this sweet baby would have been such a spitter upper!

My little munchkin moo is seriously a spit up machine. She always has been since the day she popped out of me. My poor little baby. And my poor husband who thinks spit up is one of the grossest things in the world. The reason she spits up so much is because my milk supply is over flowing her little belly. I am grateful for such a vast amount of milk supply as some of my friends I have seen struggle with their milk not coming in or having to little of a milk supply.

You hear about woman's struggles with no milk or little milk, but is it a problem to have to much milk?

Having to much milk has been a real struggle for me in my walk with breastfeeding. I am the type of mama where when my baby girl wants to eat I let her eat. I think nursing on demand instilled trust into my baby and confidence in knowing that I am always there for her.

However, looking back on the last 9 months I can now see that she did not need to eat as much as she was. I just have a crazy overflowing milk supply. I am happy with the way I did nurse her and wouldn't change it for the world, but I do think there is a solution to this problem wanting to nurse on demand, but not wanting to overflow my baby.

My baby is now eating more baby foods and doesn't nurse even close to as much as she was. So, the solution I have come up with and will try with baby #2 whenever God blesses us with him/her is that I will simply pump a little bit before I nurse my baby.

Even thinking about having to nurse and then feed my baby sounds exhausting. Especially in those first few months when you are nursing at least every hour and a half to two hours. I will be pumping a little bit, nursing, relax for a little bit then pump, nurse, relax, and so on and so forth.

However, if this is what I need to do for my baby to not have to be overflowing with milk then I will do it!

For right now with our baby, Amelia, we have recently started feeding her less to see how that improves her spitting up and so far it is working!

I am so glad it is working to because if your baby has ever spit up, green beans, squash, sweet potato or sweet carrots then you know that is not something you want to go through all day.

Apparently, I was a spit up machine when I was a baby and my mom was also a milk factory. My mom did breastfeed all three of her babies even if it was just for a couple months with some of us because it was just to overwhelming for the baby, and for her.

Pupping before I feed my next baby was actually my mothers idea. Great idea mom, and I can not wait to see if it works with my next baby!

Did/do any of you nursing mama's have trouble with having to much milk?

Top 5 Classic Spit Up Moments
1) To Daddy and Mommy (and Grandpa who is mildly a germaphobe- I felt so bad, but it was funny) (she also did it to her Mamaw which is her Papaw's favorite spit up moment) she did the classic "open wide" shot right in the mouth. I never thought I would taste my own breast milk. Well, I was wrong, I did! It really isn't that bad. The thing that really gets you is that it is warm! Oh my, sorry about all of the details! When Amelia spit up in Mommy's mouth it was Daddy's favorite spit up moment.

2) One time we went over to Grandma and Grandpa's new house. My mom was just telling me that she just washed their comforter. The one they have had about 26 years. Well, I lay Amelia down on the comforter on her belly for some tummy time and she spits up, and when I say spit up I mean the projectile ton, and it went everywhere! Oh I felt so bad! My mom didn't even blink an eye though, what a nice Grandma!

3) My friend was holding Amelia at a social event and Amelia happened to spit up on her. Well later that night she went home to her hubby and he asked her, "what is that smell?"
She said, "Oh, it's from Amelia."
He said,  What did she poop on you?

4) Another funny time when Amelia spit up is one time when I was cooking she didn't want to play in her bouncy chair beside me so I was holding her while I cooked. Well, I got done with cooking and I thought the coast was clear (from Amelia spitting up in the food). I grabbed my plate and started walking to go and eat it and wabam, spit up right on my food! One time I had just ordered Taco Bell and she spit up on top of the cup, down the straw into my drink. Ha!

5) This was probably the most nervous time for me when Amelia spit up. We went to my cousins wedding. Before the wedding she was telling me how excited she was to see Amelia and to get to hold her. She was the kind of bride that loves babies and of course on your wedding day you are thinking, I wonder when we will have kids. Plus, she is her cousin and doesn't get to see her very often. Well at the reception I go over to talk to her and I bring Amelia knowing she is going to want to hold her: right when I get to her she reaches out her arm to hold Amelia. I warned her about Amelia spitting up on her dress on her big day and how awful I would feel. She decided she wanted to hold her anyways. About two second after she gets Amelia, she spits up! I was so nervous. Thankfully she did not get it on her at all! I would have felt absolutely horrible.

We always have to have a spit up rag on demand wherever we go. We have actually resorted to using towel's sometimes. Wet wipes also work really well.

Right after we took this photo my baby girl spit up on her new jeans. It was okay though.

I was at a women's retreat and we were having a nice dinner. I actually had to go and change my outfit due to spit up. Spit up has really just become a part of our lives, it doesn't even phase us anymore. I would change my outfit a billion more times for this sweet baby!

I sure am blessed with a happy-easy going-healthy-laid back baby!

If Amelia did not spit up then I would not have these stories to tell her when she grows up. I can't wait to tell her all of the funny things she did. I know I love hearing stories about when I spit up in my dad and my aunt's mouth! Like daughter like mother!

Please tell me your funny spit up stories, I would love to hear them and know I am not alone!

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