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Monday, November 11, 2013

Mommy Moments Blog Hop Host: Building A Strong Foundation: First Things First

First things first.

Be a wife first.

Then be a mom.


We all are striving to be the best mama's that we can be, right?

For me, and I believe for a lot of you, the first step in being the best mama I can be is being the best wife I can be.

When I am the best wife I can be, I am thinking about my husband: cooking, cleaning, serving him, loving on him, encouraging him, praying with him and for him, not nagging him, and just all of the little daily things that add up.

When I am the best wife I can be, several things happen in my home.

My husband wants to be the best husband he can be towards me.

Our home runs smoothly with no arguing, conflict, or unwanted negativity.

My husband is free to spend time with our daughter.

My husband will do the little things that I (yes, I will admit it sometimes I can be a nag) want him to do, sometimes without me having to ask.

My husband is free to trust God and to spend time with God.

This list could go on for several pages.

The point is that for my family to run functionally, my husband and I have to be the strong foundation.

Matthew 7:24- "Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock." NIV

We took this picture in Wal-Mart where we had our first kiss! Lol We live in a small town so going to Wal-Mart is exciting!
So when we are both serving each other as Christ would want us to, we are not only giving each other a solid foundation to grow, but we are giving our children a solid foundation to grow on, not to mention our children will see what a healthy marriage looks like.

Some ways my husband and I like to serve each other are in the daily little things:

Taking turns turning the lights out and locking the door at night.

Getting each other a bowl of cereal in the morning.

Taking turns putting Amelia in her car seat.

Surprising each other with a gift (one of my favorites J)

Being there to encourage one another.

Praying together.

Telling each other what we admire about each other.

Kissing each other good-bye and good night.

I have been blessed to be one of those children that saw a healthy marriage daily. My dad is Dr. Tony Wheeler who works with Dr. John Trent for Focus on The Family. He has also been a pastor for all of my adolescent life. He always put our family first: we always felt valued by him. I can speak from experience that having parents who have a healthy marriage has allowed me to strive and be confident at life.

I do not say any of this to brag, but to encourage myself and some of you that read this. I by no means am the wife that I pray and strive to be, but I am working on it. It is hard sometimes to always make sure my husband is first in my life so that my children will have the foundation they deserve to be prosperous in their lives.

On the topic of our children being prosperous in their lives: my husband and I have big dreams for our daughter and already for our unborn children. I pray all of the time that my husband and I will know what to encourage our children to do and what not to do so that they can follow the dreams that God has for their lives.

And to mama's that do not have a husband, I encourage you to teach your children who their true Father is: God, a loving, compassionate, gracious, friend! And props to you for doing a great job!

My "Mommy Moment" of the day is definitely putting my sweet nine month old baby back in the baby room BY HERSELF at church today. I cannot believe how big and old my little 5lbs 4 1/2oz baby has become. It is hard to watch my little baby grow into a little girl, but I am already so proud of who she is, and it is a fun adventure.

 A glimpse at my little family . . .


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