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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Our Puppy: The Last 5 Weeks

This was the very first time Amelia and I got to see our puppy! She was just 36 hours old. Awe! She was so little! She couldn't open her eyes yet. All she wanted to do was nurse. Shane didn't get to see our puppy because he was at work. Amelia loved Autumn, our puppy! She just wanted to touch it and start playing with it. Amelia was around 6 months and 3 weeks then. I could have cuddled all night with our puppy! My parents also bought a puppy. They are naming their puppy Emma. I love both of their names so much! I think they match really well for sister puppies! Autumn and Emma!

The pictures below are just a few days after the pictures above. This was the first time Shane met Autumn. Can't you just see the love he had for Autumn already!
These pictures below I want to say are around 1 and 1/2 weeks. We are so thankful the breeder lives close so we could visit Autumn as she grew and developed. She opened her eyes for just a second!

The mama had 10 puppies. I loved watching them nurse because it was so cute! All they wanted to do was eat! Ha!!!

The lower pictures were taken around 2 weeks. This was the first time we saw  them walking around, and when we saw their eyes really open! I love their little baby eyes!

Autumn started making the cutest faces!!!

Again, Amelia just wanted to start playing with Autumn and Emma!

I love her snuggles!

How sweet are these pictures with my strong dad and strong husband just melting over their little puppy baby girls!

Now the puppy is about 3 weeks!

I have to say go Broncos!!!

I love my man! He is the cutest around our daughter Amelia and our puppy baby Autumn.

These pictures below were the last time Amelia and I got to see our puppy (Shane was at work or he would have loved to have been able to go with us) before we actually got our puppy today! They were about  3 1/2 weeks old.



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