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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Officially a Dog Owner

Yay!!! Today we brought home our new puppy! We actually brought home two puppies, our puppy and my parent's puppy. It has been so much fun! They are so fluffy and cuddly: they are also full of energy! Now we have three babies at home. My husband was thankfully there when we got them so we could play with them and ware them out before he had to leave and go to work. When he did leave both of the puppies fell asleep, and actually Amelia fell asleep too, so I got to relax a little bit.

We are kennel training them. Puppies do not know what you are doing when you try to discipline them when they go potty in the house so when you kennel train the whole point is to help them learn that they have to go potty outside. You do that by keeping them in the kennel most of the day during the first month. These are my "rules" for kennel training. At least, it is what I am doing and my reasons why.

1. Make sure your kennel is not to small or to big. If it is to big then your dog will probably have room to go to the potty in its kennel and then sleep on the other side. You want they to not go potty in the kennel because you want to train it to go outside.

2.Right when you bring them out of their kennel take them straight out to go potty. Say, "go potty," "go to the bathroom," say whatever you want to say the rest of your dogs life when you want it to go potty.

3. They really only need to be let out of their kennel around every hour: when they need to go potty or when they need to eat.

4. Whenever they stop playing with you and start smelling around put them straight in the kennel or if they did not go to the bathroom right when you took them out then put them outside and say, "go potty" then when you come inside put them straight in their kennel.

5. It is so hard to kennel train because you want to play with them all day and have them out of their kennel, but let me tell you it will make the rest of your life easier! Your dog will have discipline for other aspects of it's life too for when you want to train it to do other things like sit, stay, and come.

They just got a bath before they came over so they needed to be cuddled in a towel to keep warm.

This is Autumn, our dog!

This is Emma, our parent's dog.

We wiped them out! They both found a little cozy spot to nuzzle into.


Emma is giving me a kiss while Autumn is cuddling with me. I get so much puppy love these days!

They are so little! I think it is the cutest when they start rough housing with each other: they hop like a little bunny!

Emma! Emma, is just a cuddly little puppy!

Autumn! This puppy has so much personality!

Amelia likes to sit in her bouncy chair and watch the puppies. She just laughs and laughs at them. She thinks they are hilarious!

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