Monday, October 28, 2013


I had never heard of Julep until I was reading a blog and they got a free Julep box. I am still not exactly positive I grasp what a Julep box is. I am guessing it sells beauty products, but mostly nail polish.
Whatever it was, it was free (besides shipping which was $3.99) and I figured I should go ahead and try it.
I have really been wanting an Ipsy bag lately, but I guess that will have to wait until next month since I found this little treat for myself.

It just came in a little black box. I was so excited to get it though!

They have these little cards in there kind of telling you about the box and what you could get next month.

When you first start your Julep box they have you fill out these fashion questions and based on those questions they label you. I was labeled Bombshell, hey, I'll take it, ha!

I had these little black strands in the box.

This box came with three items, but it is really four items because the item on the left has two nail polishes in it.

This is a one-step polish remover pad. I hope it works great because the nail polish on my nails right now. (aka the white from a couple blogs ago is still on my nails with a layer over the original layer)

This is a skin serum.

These are the two nail polishes. One of them is a grey and the other one is a sparkly green. I love the grey, it is the perfect charcoal grey. The color if you are going to look for it on the site is Daria. The green is called Valerie.

On the card it says that this box can value up to $50.00! Normally the Julep boxes are $19.99. My favorite item I got is the grey nail polish I have actually been wanting a new great nail polish for fall, and I think this will be the perfect color!

If you are interested in buying your own box. Just go to Julep.com!
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